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Rachael is an Executive Leadership Coach and author who helps her fellow humans at every level of leadership to amplify their impact, plan for success and press pause if burnout or overwhelm are looming.


I wrote the book Pause and shared it and my own experience of burnout on the TEDx stage - to help other high-achieving and dedicated individuals learn the tools and strategies that have helped me step off the hamster wheel - for good. 
My goal is always to help my clients feel more empowered, calm, and confident so they can reclaim their lives, have more fun, and do what they came here to do. If your life is already high velocity, you can still find the tools to sustain that pace and soar even higher; but do so with focus and a firm grasp on your wellbeing.


As a six time rowing National Champion who has lived in every time zone and pushed herself to the limit, I know what it feels like to have your eyes on the prize and to give every shred of your energy to your dreams. 
I also know and live by the idea that you create the space that serves you and in which your truth comes alive. 
What space, truth and reality do you want to create together?

To connect with Rachael on coaching, speaking or anything else, please fill out the "contact" form.



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