On the Road to Pausing

Note: This series of blog posts are edits from my book Pause, a book to help anyone harness the life changing power of giving yourself a break. Why Pause? Pausing, or any intentional shift in behavior, is a chance to notice your feelings and observe your surroundings in the here and now. By creating a daily pause, you allow yourself to be, and not think. With this new space, you can develop presence through sensory perception, notice bodily sensations, or objectively notice your thoughts and feelings in the moment. Here are some ways you can pause daily. Experiment with what works best, or try something new every day, to keep things fresh and different. Burning Man led me to explore meditat


P A U S E Stop. Breathe. Be. Repeat. P A U S E Stop. Breathe. Be. Repeat. P A U S E Stop. Breathe. Be. Repeat. P A U S E Why are you here? Don’t answer that. Just Pause. Rest. Create space to slow down and be present. Listen Deeply. To your own self. Not your outside voice. Your Inside Voice. The one you know but sometimes is Drowned out by clamor of life. Pause. Remember this feeling. The ability to do nothing and not want to do anything is powerful. Just do nothing. Right now And Pause.

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