Pausecaste Ep. 26 Ron Carucci

In episode 26 of The Pausecast... ​ Join a visualization pause led by Ron Learn the trifecta for better leadership Why we need “mirrors” as leaders Even the best CEOs have their trigger moments: here’s what one found out working with Ron Discover leaders want to know more about What power really means How to show up with purpose and be motivated How to find your blind spots and ask for feedback Tips for becoming more inclusive, open, and broadening your perspective as an inclusive leader For more on Ron, check out his bio and podcast here... Like Ron? You'll love my other guests too, check them out and more at

Pause and Leave Your Drama Behind

Drama is everywhere whether you know it or not - it can even play out in your own head if not with others. Once you realize it's happening, here's some ways you can leave the drama behind. What's The Drama Triangle? The Drama Triangle has been around long before 1968 when Stephen Karpman, M.D. coined the concept as a way to graphically display a type of destructive interaction that can occur between people in conflict. Karpman was a student of Dr. Eric Berne, who wrote one of the most insightful books I've ever read, Games People Play. Eric was the founder of Transactional Analysis, who developed a model of people and relationships. The Drama Triangle is in a similar vein, and explains the d

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