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  • Stressed or on the path to burnout from working more hours than what you think is sustainable?

  • So exhausted by the time you get home that you have nothing left for your relationship, family, or YOU?

  • Plagued by indecisiveness from living a life of compromise (at work or beyond)? 

  • What many would consider successful and accomplished - yet you feel mentally drained, disconnected, or confused about why you aren't thriving?

  • Longing to feel more connected and enthused again about work, life, or what matters to you.

If you're experiencing any of the above, it's time to pause, pivot, and make a change. You are in danger:
According to recent studies (1000+ surveyed, Limeade & MeQuilibrium) that measure burnout pre and post covid times...
  • 69% surveyed said they're currently burned out vs. 42% in the pre-pandemic Employee Care Report.
  • 59% of managers experience burnout since the covid19 outbreak and feel responsible or guilty their teams are burning out.
  • Healthcare & Tech workers' well-being are the most negatively impacted by Covid-19, indicating double-digit increases in job stress (11%), burnout (+23 40% drop in motivation,  
It doesn't have to be this way. Stop feeling unfulfilled, mental tail-spinning, and feeling scattered.
Start thriving - with intention, gusto and purpose at work and beyond - learn how to create the space to be more fulfilled, expand your capacity, and feel more joy.


The Guidance You Need: 

Learn and apply a proven set of stress reduction tools to use at work (and beyond) so you can enjoy life again. Graduates learn to make faster, more confident decisions, and set boundaries so you feel clearer, more satisfied, and increase vitality as you step into who you could become.
Learn and apply a proven set of stress reduction tools to use at work (and beyond) so you can enjoy life again. Graduates learn to make faster, more confident decisions, and set boundaries so you feel clearer, more satisfied, and increase vitality as you step into who you could become.
Benefits of being a member in the Academy:

  • Be more effective as you create a vision for yourself and develop a plan on how to get there while handling life's little distractions, including procrastination.

  • Be more productive and resilient as you become less stressed through greater self-awareness and strategies to get more done and feel satisfied, every day.

  • Feel more vitality and energized as you thrive at work while preventing burnout and stress while increasing your capacity and remove blocks.

  • Have better quality of relationships at work - with your manager, your clients, and/or your direct reports. You'll learn tools that'll help understand the people around you better, and drive conversations to be more direct and influential.

  • Be more self aware, know the effect your beliefs have on your thoughts and actions, and your actions on other's lives and work. Master this and you'll find everyone around you becomes happier and more productive too.

                                                            ....and so much more!

Gain expertise and solutions for:

  • Making your next big career or professional move.

  • Launching a new business endeavor or innovating as an agent of change.

  • Finding or aligning your life purpose

  • Making a major life decision or change about your lifestyle, career, or who you want to be in the world.

  • Harnessing your ability to influence and lead as you tap into your personal power.

  • Tapping your creativity as you learn how to pause and thrive with your individualized pause plan.

Life is short. It's time to step courageously into feeling more empowered, energized, and resilient so that you and those in your life can reap the benefits.

You can reclaim your life.

You can continue to succeed while also having time for the people and activities you love.

You can feel energized again and continue to make an impact, doing great work WITHOUT SACRIFICING YOUR LIFE!


Quit working harder, commit to the 5 Pillars of PAUSE, and work smarter!

White Pillars
5 Pillars of Pause graphic


4 quarters to learn and apply the 5 "Pillars of Pause" to reclaim your life: 
Presence, Alignment, Unlock, Self-Care, and Execute
Recalibration Retreat - for Clients

(Virtual likely, dates tbc)

Build deeper connections with yourself and others in the 3 day Thriver retreat as you dedicate time to put yourself first, recalibrate, refresh and renew, and apply what you've been learning at the academy.

Bonus #1
Bonus #2
Bonus #3
Bonus #4
Private Coaching with Rachael
(6 sessions @ 30 minutes each) (Value $1197) 
6 Weeks to Purposeful Living
30 day healthy living starter kit
(Value $497)
1/2 day group VIP training day with Rachael
(4 hours) (Value $997)

You’re fully protected with a 30 day Guarantee


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Try the Pause and Reclaim Your Life program risk-free for 30 days.


If you’re not bowled over with the value you’re getting for your small investment, we’ll cheerfully return your initial payment and never charge you again.


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We begin Wed, Jan 16, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Thrive, Lead and Succeed Program?

The Thrive, Lead and Succeed Program is a leadership program designed for women, with the latest neuroscience, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence tools. It's designed to help you stop feeling unfulfilled, stuck in mental tailspinning, and questioning your life so you can reclaim it, and thrive and even (gasp!) expand your capacity. This program will hep you thrive with intention, gusto and purpose at work and beyond - and learn how to slow down to serve you better.

Who is the Program for?

The Thrive Lead and Succeed program is for professional women who are in the mid or late career who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or on the path to burnout who want to reclaim their lives. Maybe you feel you haven't made any progress in the last few months or years, yet you're a pro at getting things done, and getting that to-do list under control.

All the hours you work, all the sacrifices and compromises are just barely enough to maintain the status quo. And it doesn't really feel that great (more like the opposite!) Pandemic or no pandemic, you feel stuck in a rut, and unsure how to get off the "hampster wheel" of work, routine, and feeling lackluster day to lacking fulfillment and growth. Or the unsure state of not knowing what's next, or "should be" next.

Whatever the case, what got you here, isn't going to get you there. It's time to adapt to how to live life (again) on your terms, and thrive in the new normal.

What does the program look like?

It's a year long program, broken up into 4 quarters. All is currently virtual and involves group calls, guest speakers, handouts and a community of like-minded women all focused on reclaiming their lives.

You'll need to commit approx 3 hours/month (3 video calls - 1 per week for the first three weeks pe month). Each call is recorded and kept on file to easily access if you miss a call (life happens, we know). All the other material is recorded and on file so you can review at your leisure.

There are 12 modules, one per month in the program organized in four quarters. - see the list on this page for details. We flow through the 5 Pillars of PAUSE to get you Present and oriented, then Aligned, then Unlocked to feel more deeply and face your fears, and chock full of how to provide Self-care and what it is and isn't. You'll have templates, tools, and systems to Execute across each quarter.
Get started by scheduling a breakthrough session with Rachael, to see if it's a fit, here:

How long will the program last?

It's a 12 month program.

It's long because it's built for lasting change. TLS isn't a feel good exercise you do when you're feeling down. It's a way of life.

If you want to form lasting habits you'll need a minimum of 6-12 months. We've found 12 months is ideal for life-changing mindset and new habits to take hold.

This is enough time for you to learn the materials, internalize them, and apply what you've learned to your life.

In the big scheme of things, it's not that long, and flies by. Past members have had some amazing results, and even repeated the course as it is so rich in material! Don't forget, this is your life we're talking about. Commit to you, and congratulate yourself for taking the next step.

What's this going to cost me?

What’s you life and happiness worth? How much better could you and your family be with access to tools to live life again on your terms?

I’ll gladly admit that this isn’t the cheapest program on the market, because I’m not in the business or regurgitating useful stuff someone else wrote.

We’re talking about YOUR life here. This is the only program that is designed and customized for you. This program is filled with tools to help you thrive and feel more productive and fulfilled for the rest of your life! It takes time to build this into your routine and system, and that's what we'll do over the course of nine months together in our supportive & community of "Thrivers".

The amount of education, advice, and networking you’ll get from your Thrive, Lead and Succeed membership is easily worth $10000+. But you won’t pay that because it’s about time someone cut you some slack. You deserve a break (pause!). This is your time.

In fact, why don't you test drive the program.

Try it risk free for 30 days, and if you’re not bowled over with the value you’re getting for your small investment, we’ll cheerfully return your initial payment and never charge you again.

Lets do this thing...together!

How do I get started?

We begin Jan 16, 2021. All that's needed is your down payment of $500 to save your spot, and nothing is due until the 1st class. Just find a time for us to talk before then, here:
. . . and I'll handle the rest.

How will the Thrive Lead and Succeed Program help me?

This Progrm will help you:

  • Have better quality of relationships at work - with your manager, your clients, and your direct reports. You'll learn EI tools that'll help understand the people around you better, and drive conversations to be more direct and helpful
  • Be more effective in your day to day job as you develop your long term vision of who you want to become, and work towards this vision while ignoring pesky distractions
  • Have increased productivity by increasing your motivation and willpower which will let you get more done, and give you better quality of life without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.
  • Feel more alive and in touch with yourself. See yourself in what you do and thrive at work while preventing burnout and fatigue.
  • Become more emotionally resilient, handle life's little annoyances better and be more more satisfied and more fulfilled with your life in general
  • Be more self aware, know the effect your beliefs have on your thoughts and actions, and your actions on other's lives and work. Master this and you'll find everyone around you becomes happier and more productive too.
. . . and much more!

What if I'm a guy?

At this time, The Thrive Lead and Succeed (TLS) Academy is for women and those who identify with she/her pronouns. This is to create a common-ground experience for women who can learn, grow and transform together. Rachael can likely refer you to similar group coaching programs open to all genders. She also works with many men as private 1:1 clients. Schedule a breakthough session (Get started button above) and she is happy to share more.

White Satin

Lauren, Entrepreneur

I learned to hone in on what I desire in my life.

I learned the power of creating my own vision which helped me hone in on what I desire more of in my life. I also moved through my biggest blocks that were keeping me from living my dream - now I run my own business helping others organize their lives!


Z, DEI Program Manager

Nothing Short of Miracles - launched a new project and secured $100k investment!

"I have achieved nothing short of miracles! I regained my confidence after a tough career year. Rachael holds space for my mission and her emotional based coaching helps me explore and redefine old ways of thinking. In 3 months, I launched a new project for women and girls and secured a $100k investment plus executive sponsors. I can't wait to see what the next 3 months bring."



Sr. Program Manager

From Stagnating to Purposeful Intention

Prior to this course, I wasn't sure what was next or how to get there. After completing TLS, I have grown tremendously through the weekly group coaching guidance and support. I now have the tools to keep thriving. As a result I developed powerful skills including naming emotions that has helped me navigate how I respond and going for what I want. Pausing and being more mindful have also been important skills I've incorporated into daily life. Now, I am heading in a new direction that allows me to be an even better leader. I am certain that I would not be where I am today without this hands-on program. If you feel stuck, this program is for you.


Liz, UX Manager

Blow away about what I'm learning about myself.


Being part of the "Thrive, Lead & Succeed" was a valuable opportunity to come together with women professionals from different walks of life who enriched me. My biggest success was to feel empowered and supported to speak my truth and take more risks at work. As someone who has historically avoided conflict - even if constructive - and tended to please others, being able to show up fully in terms of my values and being assertive while still respectful is priceless.




 Amazing coach, a life-changing program and unprecedented clarity 

Rachael is an amazing coach. Her laser focused questions helped bring me clarity on my situation. Now I have the tools to continue to thrive and go for what I want - and feel good about it.

Weekly Support...What the structure looks like

Maximize your results with minimum time commitment. Each group video call is recorded and on file. In a online group setting, you will be guided through monthly modules to learn the skills to feel more empowered, motivated, and purposeful without giving up your life. It is one of the most successful, results oriented programs based on the latest neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness applications, designed for women.

Commitment time per month: 3 hours. Do you have 3 hours per month to change the trajectory of your life? I hope so!

3 hours = 1 hour zoom call per week (recorded), first 3 weeks of each month. 

  • 1st Call: Content Training 

  • 2nd Call: Q&A + Breakouts, discussion

  • 3rd Call: Wrap Call + Guest Speaker on module theme with Q&A

Why one year?

  • Research tells us it takes at least 30-66 days to form ONE new habit. How about a lifetime of habits?

    • Change happens over time, after all you've spent your entire lifetime building the thoughts, habits, and behavior you are today.

    • For long lasting habits to form or change, on average it takes at a minimum between 6-12 months for this to occur. In the big scheme of things, it's not that long.

  • If you're looking for a quick fix, this program is not for you. Don't forget - this is your life we're talking about. If you're committed to living your best life, take the next step designed to help you thrive with the support and accountability needed for life-lasting change.

Monthly Module Details - One module per month

Presence Quarter:

Module 1: Assess & Identify Your Ideal State

...Assess where you are at as you identify your ideal state and what's in the way of gettin there. Identify which of the 7 areas of life are calling you to reclaim your potential. Orient to the year as you start to develop your inner resources and formulate your plan to thrive and increase resiliency. After your first month you will begin to feel more calm, be more connected with your body, and meet and get support from the other women in class via buddy call(s), and with Rachael's first coaching call. Start to use the monthly success tracker.

Module 2: Grounded Presence

...Feel more grounded in your body as you practice mindfulness 101 exercises: proven daily pauses & mindful strategies to switch out of overwhelm, deregulate the nervous system, and replenish your energy so that you can feel energized, resilient, and motivated throughout your day. You'll also learn the secret to get out of drama so that you contain your mental energy and learn how to show up 100% responsible in any situation. After this month, you will have a daily practice to refresh and renew, and be more present as a result. You will feel less exhausted as you know how to avoid the pitfalls of the Drama Triangle and avoid feeling depleted as you learn to replenish your reserves.

Module 3: Navigate the Negativity

...You don't have to believe your thoughts, it's time to tame your inner critic! Identify your core mistaken beliefs and why they keep you stuck so that you feel more in control. Learn the brain science that keeps you stuck in self-fulfilling prophecy, and break that pattern. Learn how to "TASER" and "zap" your negative thoughts and beliefs in your self-directed neuroplasticity. Discover your top cognitive distortions that keep you stuck and move out of them. After this month you will feel more empowered and be more objective vs thinking so negatively. After this month, you will feel more positive, and develop greater self-compassion. 

Alignment Quarter:

Module 4: Vision Quest

...Create a customized vision statement and learn why having a vision of who you are becoming is so important in your quest so that you are more satisfied and start to thrive again. Begin to re-discover that woman who is capable of so much as you create empowering beliefs so that you feel energized and motivated. After this month you will feel secure in where you are headed. You will have a solid foundation of tools to stay focused and comfortable expressing all of your feelings.


Module 5: Find Your Purpose
...Discover and tap into the "why" in your life as you name your values, operating principles, and align with your vision as you reduce stress while increasing motivation, productivity, and your authentic self. Create your life purpose tag line that can keep you oriented to thriving and going after your wildest dreams.

Module 6: Learn To Yearn!

...Discover what you yearn for and how to differentiate them from our surface level wants we think are helpful, but really aren't that satisfying. Understand the neuroscience behind it, and catch your cravings and old habits before they manifest. Feel more aligned and fulfilled as you take on discovering your core yearnings in your daily life and activities.

Unlock Quarter:

Module 7: Courage to BE 

...Create safety for yourself as you pinpoint your fears that have blocked you from thriving. You'll understand the beliefs behind your fears and step into your reclaimed self in a deeper, aligned way that honors your authentic self. You have a sense of who you really are, why it's critical for you to claim that self, and develop deeper trust for this path and who you are becoming.

Module 8: Connect to Your Inner Guidance System & Boost Resiliency

.....Learn key mindfulness techniques that help you feel more centered and in your body and experiment with meditation. Learn how to start meditating even if the idea makes you fidget. You'll develop greater self-compassion for yourself and create your own practice to feel more connected and thrive again.


Module 9: Setting Boundaries, Limits, and Expectations

...Learn the 5 step recipe on how to set better boundaries so you can be more productive, expand your capacity, and thrive as a woman in 2021. You'll learn to be less stressed as a result, more clear and precise with your language, and earn the right so others adhere to what works for you. This means getting out of "restless guilt syndrome" that so many women experience when they put themselves first. 

Self-Care Quarter:

Module 10: 3-Pronged System of Self Care Kickoff

...Learn the 3-pronged trifecta for game changing tools when it comes to self-care - more mindfulness, self-soothing techniques, and good nutrition to boost mental, emotional, and physical health. Learn the pragmatic go-to mindful practices you can use when you feel any inkling of overwhelm that can re-direct you to living into your vision, feeling more resilient and alive, and more confident and motivated. We'll learn the self-soothing techniques and tips to re-parent yourself, and what self-care is and isn't. Reset your nutrition and cultivate new healthy living nutrition which is critical to self-care.

Module 11: Gratitude for Manifesting

...Gratitude is your superpower! Discover the life-long benefits of gratitude and how it can help manifest what you would love in your life. You will cultivate a gratitude practice, tie it to how it can meet our yearnings to feel more fulfilled and continue to expand your capacity. You'll learn the basics of manifesting and how meditation practices can lead to manifesting more for you.

Module 12: Putting it All Together: Your Pause Plan & Beyond

...Your aliveness will be tingling on all levels! Others notice your shifts and wondering what you ate for breakfast. Create and design your pause plan that includes how to navigate your biggest challenge, pause recommendations, and serves as a guidepost for keeping your momentum to thrive and engage at this new level and beyond the course. 


Organized by theme, learn the science and academic research designed to support you to thrive, lead and succeed in every aspect of you life.

Access to the experts

Monthly exclusive access to the experts and thought leaders of our time in specific topic areas.

Assignments & workbook

Each month practical "assignments" to maximize your growth. Each month includes new workbook and readings to support your growth.

private Sister circle

A rising tide lifts all boats. A community of like-minded women for support and accountability in a private facebook group, buddy calls, and our weekly calls.

Mindful practices

Practices to center your mind and start building the muscle for attention training, increased focus and resilience, and relaxation techniques.



Over 175+ people have gotten ahead
working with Rachael. Take a look at their amazing stories:

A personal note from Rachael

Hello Thriver,

I’ve coached hundreds of women to reclaim their life. This program is in its third iteration, and I have learned the proven systems and tools needed to de-stress to get out overwhelm - for good.


This means leading from your feminine gifts which you will learn to harness as a Thriver. This looks like building your emotional intelligence muscles, communicating authentically, building confidence and taking bolder risks, getting clarity and more purposeful, having stronger boundaries and knowing what self care is and isn't (hint: it's not what the media tells you!) as you create the life you were meant to live.

Over this year of stepping into who you couldn't imagine you could become, you’ll receive transformational coaching that helps you level up your game at work and beyond. 

The program is based on the six core disciplines I studied in my Master's Degree in Transformational Leadership and Coaching (2020) from the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential (Chicago). Tools and training tie back to theory and practices in these areas which are part of the Wright Integrative approach:

► Developmental Theory & Practice
► Adlerian Psychology
► Human Potential Theory & Practice
► Educational Theory
► Existential Theory & Practice
► Neuroscience & Research
► Emotional & Social Intelligence



I'd like to enroll in the

Thrive, Lead & Succeed Academy


Got Questions?


Spend the year reclaiming your life...

with the Thrive, Lead & Succeed Academy with Rachael and women committed to your own satisfaction


My 13 years of experience at Google working in client service and sales has helped her know what it takes to work smarter, not harder and have a great quality of life. People always ask me, "How do you do ALL of this?" The truth is, once you start to walk the walk of knowing how you feel, and orienting to your deeper desires moment by moment, aka being present to what you need to thrive, you too will expand your capacity as you are more connected and present, so you can be more effective than ever - without burning out!

In addition, I am also a Goleman EI Certified Meta-coach, and a Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) trained facilitator, I feel like an EI ninja! Kidding aside, I consider the training I have, combined with my 25 year-career in technology for Fortune500 companies and start-ups to be the ideal combination for helping fellow women who too want to live life on their terms, with the best tools science and psychology have to offer. 

Plus, there's no "long-wolfing" allowed - in other words, you will be guided and supported by myself and the other women in our cohort, helping you stay accountable towards game-changing transformation.

Rachael the Media

Her book PAUSE was named one of 2017's top business books for your career, and was featured in the New York Times and on She is certified in Transformational Coaching from the Wright Graduate University for the Realization of Human Potential (ICF certified), and has an MBA from Fordham University. Rachael lives in San Francisco with her husband and pauses as much as possible to ski, road bike, and BE (which is a life long challenge!)

“Pause is the real deal. With proven techniques backed by science, Rachael O'Meara shows us how to connect with ourselves and tap into what we really value." — Arianna Huffington, New York Times bestselling author of Thrive


“Pausing can add wonderful value to your life. In this enlightening book, Rachael shares many useful tips and inspiring stories that show how to tune-in to your life, align yourself with your passions, and live with meaning. This is truly a book worth pausing for.” — Chade-Meng Tan, bestselling author of Search Inside Yourself and Joy on Demand


"In a world of constant change and ever-customizable career paths, the ability to Pause is a crucial skill we must all cultivate. Rachael has captured a critical component of a life well-lived—taking periodic pauses, or time-outs, to re-align our actions with our inner voice. Career pauses—whether one minute, one day, or one week—are the essential ingredient to making meaningful next moves. If you're concerned about the time or money to make it happen, don't worry—as Rachael says, with the right mindset and creative planning, anything is Pause-able." —Jenny Blake, author of Pivot

Learning from Rachael and Leadership Experts

Rachael has worked with many leaders in the top of their fields in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and neuroscience. She hosts many of these leaders to speak on her podcast, The Pausecast, where they share tips on thriving and their area of expertise. Her coach is also one of the country's top business and executive coaches, Dr. Bob Wright. 

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