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Are you an accomplished woman leader,
who is struggling to get out of overwhelm 
and thrive again, with less stress?
Get Ready to Reclaim Your Life!
Stop feeling unfulfilled, mental tail-spinning, and questioning your life!
Start thriving - with intention, gusto and purpose at work and beyond - learn how to create the space to be more fulfilled, expand your capacity, and feel more joy.
Do you feel. . .

  1. Stressed or on the path to burnout from working more hours than what you think is sustainable?

  2. So exhausted by the time you get home that you have nothing left for your relationship, family, or YOU?

  3. Plagued by indecisiveness from living a life of compromise (at work or beyond)? 

  4. What many would consider successful and accomplished - yet you feel mentally drained, disconnected, or confused about why you aren't thriving?

  5. Longing to feel more connected and enthused again about work, life, or what used to matter to you.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then…

You’re In Danger!

  • According to a national poll by NPR, in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health, stress is the #1 cause of health problems – mental and physical.

  • Stress worsens or increases the risk of conditions like obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, and asthma.

  • According to research by the Eliza Corp. and the Altarum Institute, your job is the 2nd biggest cause of stress, right behind the death of a spouse. Especially when you’re working 12 hours a day and sacrificing your life to keep up.

  • According to Gallup the average American employed full time works 47 hours per week, which equates to nearly six days a week. Nearly four in 10 workers report logging 50+ hours on the job. Americans also receive fewer vacation days than their peers elsewhere - only 15 days a year compared to the 28 days Europeans get.

  • People with demanding jobs and few rewards have an 80% higher risk of developing depression within a few years than people with more fulfilling work.

But what if I told you: It doesn’t have to be this way.

Or read on. . .

You can reclaim your life.

You can continue to succeed while also having time for the people and activities you love.

You can feel energized again and continue to make an impact, doing great work WITHOUT SACRIFICING YOUR LIFE!


Quit working harder, commit to a new PAUSE mindset, and work smarter!

Introducing the
Thrive, Lead and Succeed Academy
One Year Virtual Group Coaching Program
for women
(you don't even need to travel - I make it easy!)

Nothing Short of Miracles - launched a new project and secured $100k investment



"Working with Rachael, I have achieved nothing short of miracles! Rachael coached me to regain my confidence after a tough career year. She holds space for my mission and her emotional based coaching helps me explore and redefine old ways of thinking. In 3 months, I've launched a new project for women and girls and secured a $100k investment plus executive sponsors. I can't wait to see what the next 3 months bring."

-ZN, "Thriver"

Stop feeling unfulfilled, mental tailspinning, and questioning your life!

STOP Going through the motions

STOP pretending you are ok

STOP pretending you have it all together

It just leaves you feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally depleted.

I was there too.

Start thriving - with intention, gusto and purpose at work and beyond - and learn how to slow down to serve you better.


This course is designed to teach you the life-changing skills for a powerful and proven method to shift your mindset and intentionally change your behavior. You will learn how to step into living what you dreamed of having (or getting back).

In the past 7 years I've seen too many people get sick and burnt out in the prime of their life. I study what it means to be an emotionally intelligent leader, went to school on how to live a full, engaged and thriving life and even became a transformational coach committed to share what I learned so you and others could learn from my mistakes.


If I had known then what I train others on today in this course, I know my life would have changed for the better...long before I burned out.


Burnt out and giving up as they hit their forties or fifties because they think there’s no other way. It’s just the way life is.

This is a MYTH!

You have the opportunity to draw a line in the sand and say "enough is enough!".

You can learn how to be more aligned, to reclaim your life and thrive again!

An amazing coach; helped bring me clarity



"Rachael is an amazing coach. Her laser focused questions helped bring me clarity on my situation. Now I have the tools to continue to thrive and go for what I want - and feel good about it."

-former client & Googler

Benefits from the program:

  • Be more effective as you create a vision for yourself and develop a plan on how to get there while handling life's little distractions including procrastination.

  • Be more productive and resilient as you become less stressed through greater self-awareness and strategies to get more done and feel satisfied, every day.

  • Feel more vitality and energized as you thrive at work while preventing burnout and stress while increasing your capacity and remove blocks.

  • Have better quality of relationships at work - with your manager, your clients, and/or your direct reports. You'll learn tools that'll help understand the people around you better, and drive conversations to be more direct and influential.

  • Be more self aware, know the effect your beliefs have on your thoughts and actions, and your actions on other's lives and work. Master this and you'll find everyone around you becomes happier and more productive too.

                                                            ....and so much more!

Gain expertise and solutions for:

  • Making your next big career or professional move.

  • Launching a new business endeavor or innovating as an agent of change.

  • Finding or aligning your life purpose

  • Making a major life decision or change about your lifestyle, career, or who you want to be in the world.

  • Harnessing your ability to influence and lead as you tap into your personal power.

  • Tapping your creativity as you learn how to pause and thrive with your individualized pause plan.


There are a fixed number of seats to this program. What are you waiting for?


One Year to Reclaim Your Life


In the Thrive, Lead and Succeed virtual coaching program, we leverage the power of group dynamics and customized 1:1 coaching to maximize learning.

As an expert in pausing, emotional intelligence and applied neuroscience I will show you how to develop the skills to be more productive while having a better quality of life and ways to thrive than you thought possible.

Why one year?

  • Change happens over time. For long lasting habits to form or change, on average it takes at a minimum between 6-12 months for this to occur. 3-6 months isn't quite enough time for long term change. Hence this course is 12 months, with one module a month so you can maximize your learning and application of what you're learning for sustainable and noticeable change. In the big scheme of things, it's not that long. The best results I've experienced on average require at least a year of coaching and practicing applying new skills while orienting to new thoughts, beliefs and behavior. 

  • If you're looking for a quick fix, this program is not for you. If you're committed to long term change, now we're talking.

  • Don't forget, this is your life we're talking about. Commit to you, and congratulate yourself for taking the next step and joining a course designed to help you thrive at work.

Limited seats. Hurry and claim your bonuses while you still can.

Who’s behind the Thrive, Lead & Succeed Academy

Meet Rachael

Rachael O’Meara is an expert in all things pausing, or intentionally shifting your behavior. She wrote the book on it, PAUSE.
Rachael is also a transformation leadership coach, assisting others to harness their potential using experiential and applied learning of emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and applied neuroscience. Rachael has a Master's in Transformational Leadership & Coaching (July 2020) and has been studying emotional and social learning since 2013, all of which she brings to the Academy.

Rachael helped me hone in on what I desire more in my life

"Rachael helped me learn the power of creating my own vision which helped me hone in on what I desire more of in my life. I also moved through my biggest blocks that were keeping me from living my dream - now I run my own business helping others organize their lives!"

- Lauren, Entrepreneur and former client

Her decade of experience at Google working in client service and sales has helped her know what it takes to work smarter, not harder and have a great quality of life. She walks the walk of expanding her capacity as she pauses to slow down and be more connected and present, so she can be more effective than ever without burning out.

Rachael is trained in six core disciplines and are at the root of this program that were designed and developed at the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential (Chicago). Tools and training tie back to theory and practices in these areas which are part of the Wright Integrative approach:
► Developmental Theory & Practice
► Adlerian Psychology
► Human Potential Theory & Practice

► Educational Theory
► Existential Theory & Practice
► Neuroscience & Research

► Emotional & Social Intelligence

Rachael also is a Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) attendee and is trained to facilitate SIY.

In the Media

Her book PAUSE was named one of 2017's top business books for your career, and was featured in the New York Times and on She is certified in Transformational Coaching from the Wright Graduate University for the Realization of Human Potential (ICF certified), and has an MBA from Fordham University. Rachael lives in San Francisco with her husband and pauses as much as possible to ski, road bike, and BE (which is a life long challenge!)

“Pause is the real deal. With proven techniques backed by science, Rachael O'Meara shows us how to connect with ourselves and tap into what we really value." — Arianna Huffington, New York Times bestselling author of Thrive


“Pausing can add wonderful value to your life. In this enlightening book, Rachael shares many useful tips and inspiring stories that show how to tune-in to your life, align yourself with your passions, and live with meaning. This is truly a book worth pausing for.” — Chade-Meng Tan, bestselling author of Search Inside Yourself and Joy on Demand


"In a world of constant change and ever-customizable career paths, the ability to Pause is a crucial skill we must all cultivate. Rachael has captured a critical component of a life well-lived—taking periodic pauses, or time-outs, to re-align our actions with our inner voice. Career pauses—whether one minute, one day, or one week—are the essential ingredient to making meaningful next moves. If you're concerned about the time or money to make it happen, don't worry—as Rachael says, with the right mindset and creative planning, anything is Pause-able." —Jenny Blake, author of Pivot

Learning from Rachael and Leadership Experts

Rachael has worked with many leaders in the top of their fields in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and neuroscience. She hosts many of these leaders to speak on her podcast, The Pausecast, where they share tips on thriving and their area of expertise. Her coach is also one of the country's top business and executive coaches, Dr. Bob Wright. 

Results & Structure: What the program looks like
Maximize your results with minimum time commitment. Each video call is recorded and on file in case you miss a class or want to review anything. 
Commitment time per month: 2 hours 30 minutes (3 video zoom calls/month).
  • Content & Training (60 minutes)
  • Q&A + Breakouts, discussion (60 minutes)
  • Content cont, Assignments Review & Practice (30 minutes)
Of the most successful, results oriented programs based on the latest neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness applications.
In a online group setting, you will be guided through 9 modules to feel more empowered and self-aware to create more success without giving up your life.
Here are the results you will experience from each step.

Module 1: Individualized Pause Assessment

...Know which signs you are experiencing that are calling you to reclaim your potential. Orient to the rest of our time together and how developing your inner resources is a game changing key to thriving and resiliency!

Module 2: Alchemy for Action

...Feel more grounded and in your body as you tap into your 5 primary emotions, know the secret to get out of drama and show up as 100% responsible in any situation, and what that looks and feels like.

Module 3: TASER Your Mistaken Beliefs 

...It's time to tame your inner critic! Know your limiting beliefs and why they keep you stuck. Learn how to move beyond them so you feel more empowered and in control of where you want to go. Learn the brain science on what's going on behind the scenes that keeps you stuck so you can start to change it. You'll learn a tool to "zap" these beliefs and create new beliefs as you change your self-directed neuroplasticity.

Module 4: Vision Quest

...Have a customized vision statement and learn why having a vision of who you are becoming is so important in your quest to be more satisfied and thrive as you move towards your potential. Begin to uncover more of your authentic self as you create empowering beliefs that you feel good about and keep you motivated.

Module 5: Learn To Yearn!

...Discover what you yearn for and how to differentiate them from our surface level wants we think are helpful, but really aren't that satisfying. Understand the neuroscience behind it, and catch your cravings and old habits before they manifest. Feel more aligned and fulfilled as you take on discovering your core yearnings in your daily life and activities.

Module 6: Self-Soothing Strategies & Game Changing Tools

...Feel more empowered as you learn techniques and tips to re-parent yourself and help you feel more nourished and resilient. Learn the pragmatic go-to strategies you can use when you feel any inkling of overwhelm that can re-direct you to living into your vision, feeling more resilient and alive, and more confident in your capabilities.

Module 7: Connect to Your Inner Guidance System & Healthy Living 30day Pause

.....Learn key mindfulness techniques that help you feel more centered and in your body and experiment with meditation. Learn how to start meditating even if the idea makes you fidget. We'll also talk about creating a nourishing lifestyle and diet that feeds and sustains your energy which is critical to feeling aligned and thriving so you can lead and succeed at your best. You'll develop greater self-compassion for yourself and create your own practice to feel more connected and thrive again.

Module 8: Courage to BE 

...Create safety for yourself as you pinpoint your fears that have blocked you from thriving. You'll understand the beliefs behind your fears and step into your reclaimed self in a deeper, aligned way that honors your authentic self. You have a sense of who you really are, why it's critical for you to claim that self, and develop deeper trust for this path and who you are becoming.

Module 9: Putting it All Together: Your Pause Plan & Beyond

...Your aliveness will be tingling on all levels! Others notice your shifts and wondering what you ate for breakfast. Create and design your pause plan that includes how to navigate your biggest challenge, pause recommendations, and serves as a guidepost for keeping your momentum to thrive and engage at this new level and beyond the course.

Example of a few core skills we cover:

  • How to get out of flight or flight mode when feeling overwhelmed.

  • Creating boundaries for you (and your team) to thrive while feeling more connected to what you're doing - no matter what you do.

  • Avoid or get out of drama at work that slows you down or isn't helpful.

  • Facing your challenges head-on and creating plans to move beyond your blocks and start to make the impact that matters in your job.


Over 175+ people have already gotten ahead

from working with Rachael. Take a look at their amazing stories

"I have new ways of thinking and approaching challenges differently."

- Dave M, client

"Learning about what the primary emotions are and how they can help me navigate throughout the day or any situation is HUGE as I know it's helping me be more in touch with myself and expand my capacity as an EI-literate leader."

- Darren, client

"The skill of knowing what I yearn for has helped me be more in touch with who I am."


- Erin B, client

Join their ranks right now and put into practice what you learn.

In 6 months you could be among the satisfied and thriving people on the planet.


Grab your seat today while you still can.

You Won’t Believe the Price

What’s you life and happiness worth? How much better could you and your family be with access to tools to live life again on your terms?

I’ll gladly admit that this isn’t the cheapest program on the market, because I’m not in the business or regurgitating useful stuff someone else wrote.


We’re talking about YOUR satisfaction here.


This is the only program that is designed and customized for you. This is the only program that’s guaranteed to make you feel fulfilled and change your neural programming in less than one year. For keeps!


The amount of education, advice, and networking you’ll get from your Thrive, Lead and Succeed membership is easily worth $10000 or more.


But you won’t pay that because it’s about time someone cut you some slack. You deserve a break. This is your time.

Lock in Your Membership Today


Limed seats left. Hurry up and get yours while you still can.

blown away what I'm learning about myself

"I've learned that overachieving can be nourishing from Rachael's program. I'm blown away what I'm learning about myself."

- Course Participant

You’re fully protected with a 30 day Guarantee


Take the program for a test Drive

Try the Pause and Reclaim Your Life program risk-free for 30 days.


If you’re not bowled over with the value you’re getting for your small investment, we’ll cheerfully return your initial payment and never charge you again.


Only a few seats left. Hurry up and get yours while you still can.

Feeling empowered, energized and ready to take on the rest of my day

"I finished my sessions with Rachael feeling empowered, energized and ready to take on the rest of my day, applying the power of pause and tools that she provides."

- Sherry, coaching client.

What are you waiting for?

We begin Wed, Jan 16, 2021

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