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Pause for Productivity
5 Day Challenge
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Starts Monday August 13

One Life. One Mission. One Week.
Become more productive and successful, without missing out on life! 

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Here's what you'll get out of our 5 days

- Learn the life changing skills that increase self-awareness
- Feel empowered to thrive again at work...and reclaim your life!
- Common pause practice pitfalls and strategies to avoid them as you unlock your blocks
- A better understanding of the neuroscience and your beliefs behind the habits you want to create
- Ways to pause that lead to increased vitality
                                                             ....and so much more!

Here's an outline of what to expect each day

DAY 1 - Why Pause?

Why pausing matters and how it can lead to transformational shifts. We'll look at naming emotions and begin to build the life-changing skill of knowing and naming how you feel. Pause challenge for day #1.

DAY 2 - Own it!

What pausing means and what pausing can do for you. Common pitfalls that leave us depleted. It's time to recognize it, own it, and change it as we look at types of pausing that helps us own it. Pause challenge for day #2

DAY 3 - Overcome resistance

How pausing can change your quality of life. We'll take a deeper look at how to be and feel more aligned with thriving. What can be different. Pause to notice the interactions with others and how pausing can be done to have greater meaning while doing so. Pause challenge day #3.

DAY 4 - Nourish and Thrive

We'll look at getting nourishment and sustaining yourself. We also explore top reasons to pause. Why being mindful helps increase your EQ and thriving. Pause challenge for day #4. 

DAY 5 - Boundaries, Limits & Expectations and Your Pause Plan Launch

Create your plan to keep you on course and continue to thrive and avoid overwhelm and steer clear of burnout. We'll assess how to carve out and keep your boundaries and establish limits and expectations taht set you up for lasting success. Pause challenge for day #5. 

We Begin Monday, August 17th!
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