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Talks@Google: Hosted Conversations

Ever since I returned to Google from my own Pause in 2011, I want to engage at a deeper level in everything I do.  One of the ways I do this is volunteer to host authors at Google through the Talks@Google program for Google employees.  I bring others in who I think have meaningful messages to share as teachers, authors, and leaders.  Their messages resonate with me and I want others to benefit from what they have to say.


Have a look, most recent talks are at the bottom of the page.

I recommend watching any of these and from YouTube subscribing to the AtGoogleTalks channel for the lastest talks.  On average one a day is released across Google.

Chris Guillibeau

The $100 Start Up 

Mark Thornton

Meditate in a NY Minute


Karuna Cayton

The Misleading Mind

Dr. Lissa Rankin

Mind Over Medicine

How your Mind Heals Your Body.

Ramit Sethi

Mastering Personal Influence

Marianne Williamson

Creativity, Leadership and Divine Compensation in the Workplace

Jia Jiang

Why Rejection is Awesome

Dr. Judith Wright

Mindful Ways to Overcome Mindless Habits

Arjuna Ardagh

The Technology for Bringing Forth Genius

Mike Robbins

Nothing Changes Until You Do

Shir Nir - Handel Group

Personal Integrity is the Source of Results

Beth Greer

Supernatural Home: Improve Your Health Home & Planet

Amandine Laroche

Afghanistan Peace Project & Amannindun Foundation for Schools

Jonathan Robinson

Find Happiness Now

Freddie Ravel

Tune Up to Success - Music Applied to Life

Ariane de Bonvoisin

The 1st 30 Days:

Your Guide to Make Change Easier

Robert MacPhee 

Mastering the Art of Living a Purpose Driven Life.

Chris Guillebeau

Happiness of Pursuit

John Robbins

Diet for a New America

Holly Payne

Technology of the Heart & Damascena

Roman Krznaric

6 Habits of Empathetic People

Mark McClusky

Faster, Higher, Stronger

Tosha Silver

Outrageous Openness

David Gelles 

Mindful Work

Recording from UK Talk

Sarah Drew

GAIA CODEX: Feminine Wisdom & Rise of Technology

Steve Sisgold

Whole Body Intelligence

What's your body telling you?

Karen Henson Jones

Miracles of the Heart


Dr. Leslie Carr

Presence and Emotional Health


Dr. Leslie Carr

Presence and Emotional Health


Dr. Leslie Carr

Presence and Emotional Health


Dr. Leslie Carr

Presence and Emotional Health


Austin Hill Shaw

Mindfulness and Creativity


Michael W. Taft

The Mindful Geek


Neil Pasricha

The Happiness Equation


Dr. Brant Cortright

The Neurogenesis Diet


Dr. Judith Wright

The Heart of the Fight: Myths of Intimacy


Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler

Mastering Conflict


Agapi Stassinopolus

Wake up to the Joy of You


Sharon Salzberg

Real Love (5/31) - Coming Soon


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