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Pausing with Darcy Luoma

In this episode 44 of The Pausecast...

  • Experience a stillness silent pause led by Darcy

  • Why stillness is so uncomfortable

  • Discover Darcy's 3-pronged secret to Thoughtfully Fit Model: Think, Pause, Act and the 6 practices that support it

  • Learn the No. 1 Hurdle out of 1000s of clients have in common

  • What the 2 most masochistic sports on the planet are (hint: we both do them lol)

  • Conjuring Strength and how it helps us to self-manage and show up our best

  • How to get out of feeling stuck using her practice of Endurance

  • How to stretch and why it matters using Flexibility

  • How to use Agility to bounce back and respond 

  • Find out which of the 6 practices is your biggest hurdle (quiz link below)

Listen here or on your player of choice:


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Ziva Self-Care Center

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Darcy Luoma

Darcy Luoma is a Master Certified Coach, dynamic facilitator, and inspiring motivational speaker. She has worked as Director for a U.S. Senator, Deputy Transition Director for a Governor, and on the national advance team for two U.S. presidential campaigns.


As the owner and CEO of Darcy Luoma Coaching & Consulting, LLC, she has worked in 48 industries with 210 organizations and more than 500 individual clients to create high-performing people and teams. The media has named Darcy the region’s favorite executive-and-life coach four times.

Darcy balances her thriving business with raising her two energetic teenage daughters, adventure travel, and competing in triathlons.

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Rachael O'Meara


Rachael O’Meara is a transformation leadership coach who empowers overwhelmed, successful women to reclaim their lives and thrive at work and beyond. She launched The Pausecast to help listeners learn how to intentionally shift their behavior and live purposeful, empowered lives every day.


Her year long course, Thrive Lead and Succeed Academy helps professionals learn the proven tools to get unstuck so they can feel more resourced, focused and resilient as they thrive.


For the past 13 years, Rachael's experience in sales and client services at Google helped her have a pulse on what it takes to be a successful and thriving transformational leader. 

Her book Pause was named one of 2017's top business books for your career and was featured in the New York Times and on and the TEDx stage in 2019. Her forthcoming book Pause the Journal will help professionals intentionally write to create their dreams.


Rachael lives in San Francisco with her husband and pauses as much as possible to ski, road bike, and BE (which is a life long challenge!).


Rachael has a Master's in Transformational Leadership and Coaching from the Wright Graduate University for the Realization of Human Potential, an MBA from Fordham University, and is a Pause Breathwork Facilitator, and a BeyondEI meta-coach.


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