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Pausing with Kim Chestney

In this episode 38 of The Pausecast...

  • Experience a Radical Intuition Pause led by Kim

  • Learn about going through a wormhole 

  • How to activate your psychic ability through a Radical Intuition demo with Kim

  • What quantum thinking is and how it can influence intuition 

  • Why intuition is so radical

  • How Kim got started in intuition

  • What emotional intelligence and intuition have in common

  • What will come next after the Information Age

  • What intuition means with current events and Covid-19

Listen here or on your player of choice:


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Kim Chestney

Named as one of the leaders of Pittsburgh’s creative revolution, Kim Chestney has been an innovative force in cultural transformation for nearly two decades. Working in both the technology and arts sectors, Kim has led initiatives with some of the leading-edge organizations, universities and tech companies in the world.

In 2017, Kim started up IntuitionLab to teach a new and innovative approach to intuition. Her new book, Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power, is the culmination of 20 years of research, exploration and advocacy at the intersection of spirituality and cultural evolution.


 As the source of all great innovation, ingenuity and creative ideas, Kim recognizes intuition as the driving force of our future, as we cross the threshold into the Imagination Age.

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Rachael O'Meara

Rachael O’Meara is a transformation leadership coach who empowers overwhelmed, successful women to reclaim their lives and thrive at work and beyond. She launched The Pausecast to help listeners be more self-aware as they learn how to intentionally shift their behavior and live purposeful, empowered lives every day.


For the past tweleve years, Rachael's experience in sales and client services at Google has helped her have a pulse on what it takes to be a successful and thriving transformational leader. 

Her book Pause was named one of 2017's top business books for your career and was featured in the New York Times and on and the TEDx stage in 2019.


Rachael lives in San Francisco with her husband and pauses as much as possible to ski, road bike, and BE (which is a life long challenge!).


She has a Master's in Transformational Leadership and Coaching from the Wright Graduate University for the Realization of Human Potential and has an MBA from Fordham University.


TEDx Talk: 

Pause the Book

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