What's Your Emotional Intelligence About the Body, or Body EQ


"It's like we're designed to make choices around pleasure."

-- the late Dr. Candace Pert, Molecules of Emotion

Through the social and emotional intelligence graduate coursework I'm studying at Wright Graduate University, I'm diving into my emotional awareness at a whole new level. The curriculum includes studying emotional expression and neurology on how the body relates to emotions. Part of my Wright studies includes weekly performative learning assignments. We practice what we are learning about, which helps us solidify the concepts not only narratively and cognitively, but also on an experiential level. What I learned was insightful and powerful. What follows are my findings from researching this topic for my course, Foundations of Human Development, on human emotions and how they show up in the body. By recognizing how our bodies transmit emotions, we can increase our awareness about them and boost our emotional intelligence about the body, or body EQ.

"Your body is a wonderland." -- John Mayer

This is true not only in the way Mr. Mayer intends, but also in the emotional, neurologically and scientifically proven kind of way. One of my recent "assignments" was to boost my emotional intelligence and practice naming one of the five primary feelings throughout the day: fear, hurt, sadness, anger and joy (learn how to do this in my five-day EQ challenge).