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Executive Leadership Coach for Women

and Inspiring Female Keynote Speaker on Leadership

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Rachael O'Meara is a transformational and women’s executive coach and breathwork facilitator, who helps corporate leaders who are ready to rise to their next level of leadership and amplify their impact - without the overwhelm. If you want to stop the struggle and heal your humanity so that you feel more confident, authentic, and focused again, this is where I can help.


After burning out of Google, Rachael has her pulse on what it takes to be a successful woman leader. She's coached hundreds of successful business people how to lead, live and love work and life no matter what's going on in the world - from executives at F500 companies like Google, Accenture and PayPal to start-up CEOs and entrepreneurs ready to reach their goals in business - without the overwhelm, burnout, and stress that typically comes with the territory.


Those who work with Rachael learn the proven skills and tools to get them there as they master their emotional intelligence and rise to their next level leadership.

Key Services Offered:

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1:1 Business Leadership Coaching
  • Corporate executives, women leaders, and high-achievers 

  • Exploring a career pivot but unclear about it

  • Re-entry or preparing for a sabbatical, leave of absence, or pause

  • Wanting a promotion or a new job or career

  • Not sure why they are not a valued or have a seat at the table

  • Wanting more confidence, purpose or clarity

  • Struggling with who you are outside of work

  • Chasing all the shiny objects but never feeling good from it

  • Saying Yes to others, but not to themselves.


Feeling like…

  • Stressballs and not sure how to change it

  • Not feeling satisfied no matter how big the paycheck is

  • Wanting to feel more connected to themselves or the world vs. feeling lost, unmotivated or tired

Group Coaching Program:
  • Executive Leadership Accelerator

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Female Business Keynote Speaker & Published Author

Keynote & Workshops on:

  • How to Avoid Burnout and Thrive

  • How to Stay Motivated

  • How to Become a Productive (and sustained) leader

  • Creating a culture of Gratitude in the workplace and how it can double productivity.

  • How to 10x your productivity using the power of breath

Published Books & e-books

Business Coaching Podcast:
The Pausecast

The Pausecast is all about:

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