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Executive Leadership Group & 1:1 Coaching

1:1 leadership coaching for women business leaders to help you elevate your leadership skills and create success without giving up your life. Executives in leadership will learn and apply a proven set of stress reduction tools to use at work (and beyond) so you can make faster, more confident decisions, and set boundaries so you feel clearer, more satisfied, and energized.

Leadership coaching benefits

  •  Develop strategy and confidence to make your next big career or professional decision.

  • Find support through female empowerment coaching as you launch a new business endeavor or innovate as an agent of change.

  • Gain clarity as you discover & align with your life purpose

  • Cultivate skills to harness your influence and leadership

  • Learn tips for tapping into your creativity as you develop an individualized pause plan.

  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching includes:

    •  Leadership coaching guidance

    •  Leadership coaching vision & goals and 90-day plan 

    •  Leadership modules & review 

    •  Leadership experiential  exercises


Image by Daniel Thomas



Join our 4-Month Group Coaching, the Executive Leadership Accelerator focused on rising to your next level of leadership as you learn proven tools and strategies to sustain yourself so you can feel more confident, clear, and calm while keeping burnout at bay, increasing productivity, and creating a network of empowered entrepreneurs. 1:1 Coaching is included within the high touch group experience.

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