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Transform overwhelm, ruts, and getting unstuck into thrving at work with Rachael.

Clients Rave About Rachael!

"Rachael makes me believe that overachieving could be nourishing if done correctly." - Workshop participant

"Rachael helped me learn the power of creating my own vision. The process of creating and writing it really helped me hone in on what I desire in my life. As a result of this I read this every day and it is working! Rachael walks the walk and her life is proof positive that this works." - Lauren W.

"Rachael asks the difficult questions to help you grow. I left our conversation with new ways of thinking and approaching problems." - Dan M.

"I worked with Rachael over eight sessions to learn how to be present, feel alive and engaged. Our sessions gave me the tools I needed to make decisions based on what is important to me. As a result I have better relationships with my peers, family and most importantly myself." - Dane W.

"Rachael is an amazing coach. She was able to laser in on the right questions to bring clarity to my situation and gave me the right tools for the future. I cannot more highly recommend her." - current Googler

Rachael is a transformational leadership and executive coach, facilitating the emergence of others who want to turn overwhelm into thriving at work...any beyond! Are you ready to shift and emerge into someone you couldn't imagine you could become?

What to Expect

You may have a specific goal in mind, such as wanting to succeed at a demanding job, getting out of overwhelm, taking back your life and thriving again, or reorienting (or finding out) to what matters. Rachael will help create the vision on how to get to these goals. 


About Rachael's Coaching - a Pragmatic Approach

Rachael completed her Certificate in Transformational Coaching in April 2016 from the Wright Graduate University for the Realization of Human Potential (WGU). Her transformational educational experience helped her to prepare and develop leaders, integrating the most effective human emergence technologies and relevant research. Her mission as a WGU cultivated scholar practitioner is to bring out the best in those she leads and coaches. 


The 6 components of Wright Transformational Leadership Coaching that are integrated into her coaching practice are:
►Developmental Theory & Practice
►Adlerian Psychology
►Human Potential Theory & Practice
►Existential Theory & Practice
►Neuroscience & Research

►Emotional & Social Intelligence


Rachael has coached a range of successful business people learn how to thrive again... from leaders at Facebook, Adobe and Google to entrepreneurs, independent contractors, musicians and people just starting in their career.

Rachael is offering 30 minute "Breakthrough sessions". This is one brilliant idea from Chris Guillibeau's book (which features my Pause story!), Born For This.

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