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Leadership Coaching 
Services For Women

As a business coach for corporate and executive women leaders, Rachael helps her fellow humans at every level of leadership to amplify their impact, plan for success, and press pause if burnout or overwhelm are looming.

Her clients get clear, measurable results like: new jobs, new contracts, promotions to C-level positions (if that's what you're going for), and a new level of self-worth and confidence to apply professionally and personally.


Rachael’s services for women in leadership include:

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  • What exactly does corporate or executive leader mean?
    If you are a working professional you qualify as a corporate leader. Rachael loves to work with C-level or executive leaders, and also supports plenty of corporate professionals who aspire to become executives. If you are early in your career or mid-level career, you are likely on that path and Rachael can help you.
  • How much does Rachael’s coaching cost?
    Rachael has a few 1:1 coaching practices and group coaching available that include mindset and breathwork coaching. Packages range from $450-5000 per month depending on your needs. Schedule an Amplify Your Impact Consultation and see what could work for you.
  • Can I work with Rachael if I’m not a woman?
    Absolutely! Rachael has several clients who do not identify as women. That includes men and all genders.
  • Is Rachael’s group coaching program only for women?
    At this time this program is for anyone who identifies as she/her or they/them pronouns.
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