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Ep 26 with Ron Carucci

In episode 26 of The Pausecast

  • Join a visualization pause led by Ron

  • Learn the trifecta for better leadership

  • Why we need “mirrors” as leaders

  • Even the best CEOs have their trigger moments: here’s what one found out working with Ron

  • Discover leaders want to know more about

  • What power really means

  • How to show up with purpose and be motivated

  • How to find your blind spots and ask for feedback

  • Tips for becoming more inclusive, open, and broadening your perspective as an inclusive leader

Ep 25 with Marci Shimoff
In episode 25 of The Pausecast...
  • Experience a 2x2x2 pause led by Marci (inspired by Heartmath Institute).

  • How to start the "feel good happiness" chemical flow of oxytocin

  • Why Heart Rate Variability (HRV) matters

  • The one question you can ask yourself daily to improve your well-being

  • How Pausing changed Marci's life

  • How Marci defines happiness and how to generate more of it.

  • The recipe for happiness and what we can/can't control.

  • How the "7 main areas of happiness" can be a great metaphor for how to live a fulfilling life.

  • How to create Your Year of Miracles and get your free ebook, "4 mistakes from living a miraculous life.

Ep 24 with Dr. Richard J. Davidson

In episode 24 of The Pausecast...


  • Experience a loving-kindness guided pause with Davidson

  • How attention training changes your brain structure

  • What research is finding based on compassion practices

  • What's the ideal length to meditate

  • What to do if you don't meditate but you're committed to change

  • Benefits of a mediation practice

  • Davidson's pause & transformation practices

  • The four pillars of well-being and the mobile app to cultivate them

  • Percent of Americans currently meditating weekly (it's inspiring!)

  • Learn how you can contribute to the Center for Healthy Minds and receive two complimentary tickets to the Nov 13 event in Madison, WI:  The World We Make

Ep 23 with Tiffany Shlain

In episode 23 of The Pausecast...​​


  • Experience a pause led by Tiffany

  • What a "Technology Shabbat" is and why it's a "shabbat"

  • What benefits there are once you detach from devices

  • Why 24/6 is critical for well-being and how Tiffany came to be an expert in this type of digital device pause (DDP).

  • What you'll learn in her new book, 24/6.

  • How to join a 4M+ wide movement to support less digital screen time for you, your family, and others.

  • Ways to get involved to support digital detachment in your community (and for kids!)

  • TIps you can tell your boss to help ensure your disconnect is successful.

  • How to disconnect successfully

Ep 21 with Lissa Rankin

In this episode of The Pausecast...​​


  • Partake in an Inner Pilot Light led pause

  • How the Inner Pilot Light got its start

  • Why you should find your own inner pilot light and how to tap into it

  • Questions of discernment to know if it’s really your inner pilot light

  • How to ask for guidance from your inner pilot light

  • How to know when you feel aligned to make a decision or choice

  • How to avoid autopilot and ignite your inner pilot light and why it matters

Ep 20 with Julia Arndt

In this episode of The Pausecast...​​


  • Experience a pause to help you destress led by Julia

  • What leads to a burnout diagnosis and how to recover

  • Julia's journey & surprise as a well being guru and what led up to her "forced pause"

  • How being stressed leads to more stress and what to do about it.

  • Why we get so stressed and how to bring those stress hormones back down from flight-or-fight

  • 3 Tips to de-stress in every day life you can integrate into your commute, morning/evening routine, and daily plan.​

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