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Ep 30 Derek Sivers

In episode 30 of The Pausecast...​

  • A guided writing pause led by Derek

  • How writing helps to pause and create

  • How to live your life as a series of grand experiments

  • How living intentionally and saying no are ways to refresh and renew

  • What lessons have you learned from pausing?

  • How making changes now is a good move

  • Hear about Derek’s new book, and it’s inspiration

  • The metaphor when you “crack the code”

  • How the Muppets, safes, and rainbows are important cues to pause.

Ep 29 Erric Solomon

In episode 29 of The Pausecast...​

  • Experience a "bluesky" pause guided by Erric

  • How to stop the ticker-tape mind

  • How Radically Happy happened with Phakchock Rinpoche

  • How being a lion and less like a dog helps you  

  • How Erric's buddhist background helps him pause

  • How to find meaning and avoid the struggle

Ep 28 Pausing in Uncertainty

In episode 28 of The Pausecast...​

  • Experience a pause led by Rachael

  • Know the choices we can make about fear

  • Why emotions and expression helps

  • Noticing your fear and what you can do about it

  • Get to know 3 of your Cognitive Distortions

  • Why drama doesn't help

  • Daily Pauses for routine, structure, and making the best of things.

Ep 27 with Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler

In episode 27 of The Pausecast...​

  • Experienced a refreshing pause led by Jennifer

  • What led Jennifer to embark on a career studying conflict

  • Why conflict is so challenging

  • How to know your conflict type (hint: take the free assessment noted in the show notes)

  • The 4 common conflict habits that get us into trouble and how to avoid

  • The No. 1 tip that works to move through conflict!

  • The two types of pausing you can take to facilitate conflict.

  • How to leverage anger and other emotions to get out of conflict.

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