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Being overly critical has you all like…

No matter how much we prepare or want to do something different, we are subject to self-sabotage.

This looks like

❌ Being overly critical - like scolding yourself (inside voices still count) because you look terrible in the mirror at 6:30am

❌ Recognizing you’re in self-pity, and yet kinda ok to stay-there (it aint so bad, at least I can make myself a PB&J 🙃)

❌Staying stuck in victim mode, or pointing the finger because that’s really just too easy NOT to do!

Yet, I found myself doing this when I showed up last month at the Head of the Charles on a chilly October morning, with a picture-perfect setting suitable for the front cover of Orvis.

Even though I had prepped and prepared for my race, I noticed the self-doubt and critic mind creeping in, challenging every thought…

  • Yet, would I have a good race?

  • What if THIS TIME I messed up?

  • What if things beyond my control messed up my plans?!

Even with a smile and thumbs up on to the outside world, your inner world can be brutal.

Can you relate?

When we feel fear, it’s easy to re-coil, stay small, and feel like it’s moving boulders uphill to get anything to change.

That’s why learning the life-altering tools in emotional intelligence and mindset can really shift us to not just recognize this thought wasn’t serving us, but to know that if I didn’t orient elsewhere, my behavior would follow suit! And that is what nobody wants!

So I reminded myself….

I had done the work.

Stay focused on what is possible.

Give 110% and have fun while doing it.

When I work with my clients I am literally helping them know how to turn self-critique into self-care with a few proven EQ tools like naming emotions, creating and living a vision, and knowing what to stay focused on, and how to keep that attention …for GOOD!

Then, it’s like the secret door to your future unlocks that was so hard to open before…and you can then reach your dreams, goals, and feel excited and determined again - without the overwhelm.

Reply back and let me know, I am so excited to support you - let’s walk the path out of self-sabotage…together!



P.S. I am excited that I’m accepting Executive Leadership Accelerator applications for January 2023! Thinking to apply? Simply reply to this email “ELA” and I will follow up with next steps..

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