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Happy Pause-a-versary!

A what?!

This week marks my four-year pause-a-versary from my three month leave from Google. Yes, I made up that word, a contraction for an anniversary of a Pause, or any meaningful break, in the new pause lexicon I'm creating.

In my case, June 1st, 2011 was my first day "pausing" on my 90 day unpaid leave of absence. Little did I know this was pivotal in my life, but looking back, it was an intentional time to figure out what wasn't working for me and what was in my life, and adjust accordingtly.

Those three months I took to reconnect and align with what was important to me were a game changer.

Pausing is a way of life for me now. Even though there's no extended leave of absence to take, I return to my pause mentality, where I quiet my mind to listen to what is important to me, or focus on one thing about the current day or task at hand.

Celebrate with me!

Join me in one or more of these ways I like to practice my pause-a-tive (sorry, there I go again!) way of life.

  • Live the "The Four Loving Truths" this week. These were created by Judith Wright in her book The Soft Addiction Solution. Each day I select one of the four truths and think about it several times throughout the day. Whatever activity I'm doing, I know the loving truth is supporting me. Notice how you go about your day. See how you view your relationships professionally or personally. Before your head hits the pillow, notice how you feel about yourself, and what is happening in your life.

  • ​The four loving truths are:

  • You are loved

  • Love and peace are the legacy of pain

  • Feelings are divine and to be honored

  • Gifts are given to you to develop and use in the symphony of life

  • Set time aside to do what you love.

  • Make an intention and commit to doing something for yourself this week. It can be any activity, or just being for a five minutes when normally you would be doing something for someone else.

  • This week, I am dedicating two nights to catch up with friends that I don't normally see, but are whom I consider trusted allies on my life journey.

  • Have intentions for how you want to spend your time.

  • ​Ask yourself, "This is important to me because" throughout the day. What comes up? Positive self talk? Negative self talk? Try to stay objective, it's all good data. Notice patterns (are you always saying one thing over and over again?).

  • Today, my intention is to connect with my body awareness, and notice how I'm eating and how I feel. Am I rushing? Am I enjoying the act of eating? What's my body telling me today?

These are all subtle ways you can build in your own pause-abilities to shift how you go about your day, and create the space you need to listen inwards, or stop to just be.

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