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Boost Your Emotional Intelligence: Take The Five Day EQ Challenge: Part I of II


We know that Emotional Intelligence can be learned, but like everything there's no quick fix. It takes time, commitment and dedication. So, how do we do it? Check out what makes up Emotional Intelligence and take the "Five Day EQ Challenge," practicing one of the five "EQ exercises" each day. It will boost your EQ to the next level, regardless of what your base line is today. Without emotions, who are we? Almost a decade ago, Dr. Daniel Goleman published his best selling book, Emotional Intelligence. He defined Emotional Intelligence as "the ability to recognize one's own and other people's emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking behavior." [1] Goleman was the brainchild behind the idea that non-cognitive skills, or emotional intelligence, are as important as a good I.Q. to succeed in the workplace.

How Does Boosting Your EQ Make You a Better Leader?

• Mounting research demonstrates that you need all of your emotions to be your best.

• We can create a safe space for others to know that sharing emotions and expressing is possible.

• As a leader, people who are in control of their feelings and impulses are able to create an environment of trust and fairness.

• With practice, as business leaders we can improve our sense of how to give effective feedback, when to push for better performance and when to hold back by boosting our EQ over time.

What Does Emotional Intelligence Really Mean?

Click here to read about the five components of EI and take the challenge.

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