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Pausecast Ep 10 with Dr. Alice Boyes

I'm excited to announce my latest pausecast, episode 10 with Dr. Alice Boyes is live! Originally from New Zealand (you will likely notice this in our interview), Alice Boyes is a former clinical psychologist and researcher turned writer. She is the author of The Healthy Mind Toolkit which launches May 1st and The Anxiety Toolkit (2015). The ebook version of her first book, The Anxiety Toolkit, made the Wall Street Journal Bestseller list. If you pre-order her book you'll get the 1st chapter plus a free gift on her site. I was asked to provide a blurb for Alice's book from my publisher, and was so impressed with the book I HAD to meet Alice and interview her. The book is a cousin to pause - filled with practical tips and know how across different areas of life - relationships, money, and self to name a few. Alice is also into "mind hacks" which are peppered throughout the book that anyone can pick up and start implementing immediately. Some of my favorite are Self-care techniques when you're feeling uncomfortable emotions The problem with should, must, always and never Strategies for reducing decision fatigue. NO opt-in required! Just click the link & start listening today. Pausing with Dr. Alice Boyes: and also check out her free gifts she's offering on my page. 

In this pausecast... - Enjoy a pause bodyscan led by Alice - Learn a few self-care techniques & systems to reduce stress - Tips for keeping an optimal healthy mind including managing to-do lists, how technology can help and hinder a healthy mind, and ways to avoid - What we can do to change habits long term and avoid the mechanisms of self-sabotage All of these are in her new book, The Healthy Mind Toolkit, Available May 1st 2018.

Listen HERE  and share with a friend. 

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