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Free "blinks" - Pause + Zig Ziglar

It's not everyday I'm in the same sentence with Zig Ziglar...and I wanted to share an awesome resource and some freebies from Blinkist...a great resource for summarized books that Pause is a part of.

Here you can get a free mega-summary of Pause the book (a mere 17 minutes!), and Goals by Zig Ziglar...aka "free blinks: 📚 🎧 - grab em while you can!

and...please pass along to share with your network during this festive time:

☃️ Pause by Rachael O'Meara - ⏸ 🧘‍♀️

☃️ Goals by Zig Ziglar - 🥅 🏆

Pause to help you unwind and Goals to inspire you as we open up a new chapter, 2023!

Pausing + Goals = 2023 mucho success!!

🎁 Enjoy these gems from Blinkist 💎 🙌🏼

Happy Holidays and enjoy the blinks!

XO Rachael

PS If it's easier to share this on social media, you can share this LinkedIn post with your network (need to be logged in/member), simply click "repost". 🤩

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