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from bailing to failing

I'm curious, what are you committing to lately?

When you take a stand for something...

When you dedicate yourself to something that you are 200% vested in...

You are committed.

And then it is THE plan!

It's so easy to have backdoor, or one foot in and out.

Trust me, I know this and wrote a 50+ page capstone paper about how uncommitted I was in areas of my life! (The title of it was the title of this post).

Here's a little bit from that master's thesis that I dusted off today, for this post (click to expand)...

BTW, this is the first time I'm sharing an excerpt with not just 1 person, but thousands of you(!). But hey, that is the commitment I've made to myself - to go all in on the truth of who I am. ❤️

"As an existential principle, commitment is defined as the expression of truth in dedication of your fully developing self toward some goal or object outside of yourself. This is at the heart of my capstone. In reality, I want to run to the opposite pole of commitment even in this writing, and choose avoidance. I have looked the other way as my default mode instead of exploring what my real limits are as I express my full range of emotions in the here and now.

It is a huge developmental task to build a self, and few people truly succeed. Most of us cobble something together that’s largely a reaction to our early influences. Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche believed that generating aliveness leads to a more complete self, deeper commitment and faith. I have put the brakes on as a default way of living, not fully trusting my aliveness.

I resonate with what Kierkegaard and Nietzsche both agree on: “A desire for certainty can hold back one for a fulfilling life.” Racking up achievements in what I know may seem like developing a self, but it can also be an avoidance of developing oneself. In my case, I adopted a “be all that I can be attitude,” which is another common attribute of strivers. The only ideals I committed to was, “I will do X because I enjoy the challenge and want to look good.” This is a familiar pattern, orienting outside of myself for purpose.

What I realize is that until I express my truth as a default way of being, I will miss out on having a more meaningful and purposeful life.


To be all-in on you, is one of the biggest gifts you can offer yourself.

In my case (see passage above) I wanted to have an easy "out" ...just in case [insert excuse] when it came to my job, relationship, or whatever I wanted to succeed in.

Can you relate?

Whether it's your job, jour relationship, or your own personal development and transformation as a woman leader.

Are you worth fighting for?

Are you worth your time?

What is worth ...commitment?

These are the questions only you can answer, and when we make up our mind up and make the choice to commit...

THEN, and only then do we truly get results from our plan.

It can be anything that you are dedicated to like...

Honoring your feelings

Telling the truth (more often)

Better health

Finding more joy

Being more present

Feeling more alive

What inspires you and what do you want to commit to these days?

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