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Give me 20 minutes and I'll give you a BHAG for 2023

Do you have a BHAG goal for 2023 yet?

What’s a BHAG? ("BEE-hag") Big




Or, do you have a ho-hum goal for 2023?

Think, "I'm going to eat healthier, or lose those 10 pounds, or start my passion project).

While those are great starts, we all know that these goals fall by the wayside about 30-60 days after setting them.

In fact, while ho-hum goals are ok, they won’t get you out of the 3 D’s: drained, depleted and/or deadened….and so the cycle begins again for so many of us.

I say in 2023 go for a BHAG...what could propel you to truly feel excited, inspired and shine your light in a way you haven't yet experienced in 2023?

Jim Collins and Jerry Poras who wrote one of the best business books of all time, Built to Last and talk about how setting BHAGs propelled companies to be more successful, be a visionary and believe and think bigger than you thought you ever could.

Setting a BHAG for yourself is one of the best ways to...

🫠 Get out of a funk

🫠 End that feeling depleted cycle

🫠 End the escape-hatch thinking loop - like secretly wishing if you lived in your private tropical paradise, life would be soooo good again!

Research says that when we set lofty big goals for ourselves, we are more likely to get closer to it than when we set normal ho-hum goals.

With your break-the-mold BHAGs, they will help you:

🎉 Create and keep new habits that have a positive impact on productivity and performance

🎉Achieve what wasn’t thought to be achievable…or get a lot closer than you think you would

🎉Re-ignite your excitement 🔥 as you venture into new territory - busting your mental model of what you thought you could do.

What is ONE BHAG you want to go for in 2023?

Next year, don’t settle for ho-hum. 🥱

Go for the BHAG! 🤩

When you set BHAGs and learn the tools to master your Emotional Intelligence (EQ), you are on your way to achieve them - they are within grasp because you have what's needed to take you there. Even if you have no idea HOW - that's a-ok and part of the journey of emergence.

Here's to reaching your BHAG...and rising to your next level of leadership,


PS BTW, We create BHAGs and set ourselves up to reach them in my women’s leadership program, the Executive Leadership Accelerator. Thinking to apply? Give me 20 minutes to chat and we will co-create your draft BHAG for 2023.

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