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Handing in Your Homework

Hey incredible leaders - you know when you have a final due at school (or your child does) and you / they turn it in and that wave of relief washes over?

That how I feel right now, and I am so excited for what's next! 🤓

I just turned in my 1st draft this week ...aka handed in my homework...for a chapter of a book created for self-aware leaders!

Why was I so relieved?!

Like a lot of us recovering overachievers...I contemplated

- Was I good enough to write this? Or was I too much to handle?

- Did I have the clarity I needed to communicate what I wanted to convey?

- Did I have the confidence to know that what I'm writing about that may not be everyone's experience, but that others could relate to?

I hadn't sat down to write about myself in a disciplined way in a long time. It was cathartic, invigorating, and also a little scary!

I stuck to my guns and recalled what helps me ...structure and support!

- I create a schedule

- I got support and reached out to connect and discuss and share

- I divided my time into writing blocks so it felt doable and not crazy overwhelming.

In my case, I got it done. I even turned it in a day early!

Sadly, I see so many incredible leaders falter because they don't have the structure, support, and systems in place to succeed. It doesn't take much, it's the fine tuning and tweaks that can really make a big difference over the long haul.

If you've got a big project looming, or a huge "story" you're holding on to and not quite sure what to do with it, we all need tools, systems and structure in place to succeed. It's not just important, it's mission critical to your outcome!

Now, I sit tight and await feedback to begin draft No. 2.

We don't have a name yet, but wondering what should we call the book!?

It comes out Sept 20th, and our name will be announced May 31st.

Curious what it's about?

My working title for my chapter is called "Beyond Myself" and is the story of my spiritual awakening shortly after my pause when I returned to Google in 2011, which I'm so excited to share for the first time publicly!

Stay tuned for more updates, I can't wait to share it with you.

What story are you not sharing, but want to release so you can go beyond your (current) self?

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