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3 critical skills you need to go from overwhelmed to firing on all cylinders

How to you go from feeling overwhelmed by work, life or even the nightly news, to firing on all cylinders again?

There are 3 essential skills in order to make this happen:

  1. Learn and apply your new physical, mental and emotional skills necessary to stay out of overwhelm.

  2. Have a vision for yourself to get there.

  3. Get the support to carry you though - because no one can do it alone.

Spoiler Alert: Without ALL 3 of these things, it just doesn’t happen or stick.

Last week I was tested and could have easily been teetering on overwhelm or burnout.

Instead, I chose to be vulnerable.

I cried in a room full of my allies.

Sharing the rocky road of what it means as a 1st year entrepreneur - sharing my fears of failure, my hopes and dreams, and the gaps I have to get to where I want to go.

I created a vision for what I want in the next 3 years: to help 10,000 corporate women get out of overwhelm and thrive as they learn to become more connected, confident and fulfilled as they learn to step up as leaders who feel, share, and orient to more objective, deepened awareness they learn in The Executive Leadership Accelerator, my flagship program.

Because no one can do it alone. Otherwise, nothing changes because what got you here, won’t get you there - or what I call your next level of leadership.

Instead, it’s waaaaay too easy to stay in the ruts that we don’t know how to climb out of.

Because it takes new skills to pause and intentionally shift your behavior so you can take back your humanity again.

If you want some help feeling less in a rut, direct message or reply back to me “rut-row” and I will follow up with next steps.

PS BTW, I’m taking 2 new clients this month for my Executive Leadership Accelerator - if you’re looking to get out of corporate burnout from someone who’s survived senior level burnout at Google - reply directly or message me - and let’s talk about next steps.

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