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How to melt your fears and why it matters

Whether we are set out to start, finish, or take the next step in something, we can be consumed or overwhelmed by fear. Next, we’re stuck, not following through, or right back where we started.

Last week on my weekly LIVE video training in my community called “Pause Friday Q&A” , I shared the 3 ways you can move through your fears to take action, called “FEAR MELTERS” from the Hendrick’s Institute.

I know what you're thinking right now - I'm a-ok without any fear melters.

Because what's really happening goes something like this...

  • 👉 If you are feeling stuck in your next steps in your career as a corporate leader, fear is playing a role.

  • 👉 If you feel pulled in 20 directions without committing to any one path, fear is here.

  • 👉 If you suffer from shiny-object-syndrome (SOS!) or FOMO, well...that speaks for itself!

It’s cool if you want to stay in those places, but there is better.

You can do something different.

>> Watch the replay on YouTube here for some ideas.

Whatever your fear is today, you can bust through those fears and move through them and into your own courage and bravery.

If you want to melt away your fears, message me “fear melters” and I will be in touch with more tools to help.

Let's walk the path out of fear and into reclaiming your life...together!

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