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Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Nobody wakes up thinking, “Today I want to feel anxious and annoyed!” 🙃

And yet, time and time again, I see business leaders taking on too much and as a result they end up resentful and overstretched because they keep adding to their never-ending to-do list.

Which means they are getting overlooked by their co-workers and managers for promotions or new projects to be seen and heard for what they bring to the table.

So they feel stuck – and then stay stuck at work - likely under-earning and settling for feeling “meh” most of the day.

The cycle keeps going, and because it’s manageable, energy and time continue to be wasted.

And then we wonder why we don’t feel satisfied or sustained.

We all have the ability to rise to our next level of leadership as we learn how to master our own emotional intelligence so we can feel more confident and have more energy – but how can we do that when nothing we do changes?

👉 we keep adding to our plate, without changing how we support ourselves or how we show up energized, sustained, and fulfilled on an ongoing basis!

But be careful, creating a career where you feel fulfilled, energized, and confident while still creating quality time with loved ones or stepping beyond survival mode has no connection to

⭐️ How many hours you put in

⭐️ How fast you respond to your emails

⭐️ How convincing you are as you present

All of these are externally what we see, but the truth is that your success is an inside job.

Do not delay in creating this life that is waiting for you – because life is too short for spending another minute wondering if this is all there is.

Feeling nourished and sustained while having a blockbuster career is simple.

I have a roadmap for you.

The doors will soon be opening for the Executive Leadership Accelerator (ELA) and I am offering special pricing for those on the waitlist, plus a chance to participate in the upcoming LIVE (aka in person) exclusive client retreat in San Francisco, CA May 13-15th!

This is for you if...

✅ You desire to be more influential and confident while feeling more sustained and nourished as a corporate leader

✅ You want to amplify your impact but stay calm and at peace as you do so

✅ You want to move away from the masculine approach of “work” or hustle-mindset that leaves you feeling depleted or lost.

✅ You want to learn the proven tools and strategies based in science that can serve you to regulate your emotions and express them appropriately that move things forward.

It’s time to claim your success in the way you deserve it – and without the overwhelm!

Just add yourself to the ELA waitlist and claim your special savings, and I'll follow up!

XO ❤️ Rachael

PS this waitlist is open to EVERYONE who receives this email (including past clients).

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