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NEW CITIES!! Pause tour NEW locations 👀

Hello pause friends near and far,

I woke up this morning on the other side of the world. 🌏

Sometime back in early 2023, I made a call that if I got to Paris, France this year and hosted a Pause event, life would be even better.

Because I'm a francophile. #livingmydream

I made the decision I'd get here.

I stuck the Tour d'Effel on my phone home screen with the image overlooking the terrace.

I thought about how much joy I would feel and gratitude when I got there, and what it would be like to be under the Tour d'Effel, hosting the Pause event.

Et Voila! Nous sommes la! (We're here!) 🇫🇷


NEVER FORGET - A Day of Remembrance

🇺🇸 After a pensive 9/11 prayer today at Eglise St. Pause of St. Louis , downtown Paris in le Marais, I am ready to share more about tour dates and RSVPs.

As a former NYC'er who flew into JFK that AM from being with my family in Syracuse, NY on this day 22 years ago, I remember vividly my sadness, anger, hurt and fear that so many of us felt. I didn't have many EQ tools at the time, but I remember how confused and angry I felt, not knowing what the next day would hold.

Today, I send prayers and healing to all those who were impacted on that day and recovery that I'm sure still goes on with friends, families and anyone who, like me, felt the heartbreak of that day. It is a reminder that processing tragedy is part of our path to healing, and to tap into our emotions we begin that journey to honor however we feel, and continue to move forward...without our emotions we simply cannot heal and come out the other side. ❤️

Today is a powerful reminder to pause to name a feeling, journal on how you are doing, or remember what matters to you. Leave me a comment or feel free to reply back anything you'd like to share.


That said, let's talk more details about the coming weeks.


I'm very excited to announce the European dates for the #Pausetour23 that are happening, starting this week!

I landed in Paris, France on Friday and after a few getting less-jet lagged days and remembering what it's like in Europe without AC while Paris has it's biggest heatwave all summer, I'm excited to be here, sweaty and all on my European Pause - integrating my doing and my being as much as I can.

I'm so excited to announce a few more European cities in the lineup for my tour - see this link for RSVP links with the details below.

- Tues Sep 12th Paris, France

- Tue Sep 19th, Lyon, France

- Fri Sep 22nd, Luxembourg

- Tue Sep 26th, Dingle, Ireland

- Thurs Sep 28th, Dublin, Ireland

Still not sure what tour is all about?

It's a hybrid between what happens on my podcast and what happens at my other live events.

Every stop is a little different, but so far it's been...

Basically, it's a very fun time out that will hit you with some insightful thoughts to chew on later, but mostly it's aimed at making you laugh and have a fun experience!

Hope you can make it!

BTW, feel free to pass along or forward to anyone in your network in these cities. These events are all free, and all are welcome to join, corral and say hello as you learn about the power of pause!



PS For more interim pics of Europe, follow me on Instagram.

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