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Please Don't Feed the Gremlins

Rachael pointing on the beach
Yes, I'm talking to you!

As a solid force in the business world, it is so easy to feed the gremlins, aka critic mind!

We are experts at what we do, and yet we fumble and detach from our most prized possession - thinking objectively while staying confident, calm and focused - no matter how stressed things get.

Which theme do you relate the most to?

🔥 1) You are excited about getting a workout in, but your critic mind tells you it’s not ok to put down your laptop, so you don’t.

🔥 2) The stress of the day piles up, and you end up giving into guilty pleasures like sweets in the cupboard …vs acknowledge or even know about what’s going on at a deeper level?

🔥3) Your day is booked solid and your calendar resembles mosaic tiles not even Gaudi could assemble.

Instead of any of these happening, what if you could PAUSE ⏸ and raise your awareness and energy in a way that fueled your fire, instead of extinguished it?

This, dear friends, is what I’m talking about when it comes to how to show up being the high EQ leader you were born to be!

It’s not ok to live like this anymore. Let alone lead.

If you want to learn how to use this method to get out of that lack or not enough mind and the critic who won’t let you forget about it, comment here or message me “READY” in the chat bot and I’ll reach out with next steps. :)

XO Rachael

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