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Spot Check the Joy

How do you know if you're on the right track?

Spot check the joy, as one of my mentors says.

Any time, any day, what joy are you experiencing or creating?

Whatever brings you joy - it can be a memory or a real live favorite moment you have.

Conjure up this joy in your mind and remind yourself what it is that brings you joy.

This weekend, joy was all over the place in Aiken, SC for a regional rowing race.

It felt like limitless, abundance of joy. (Except when I got tired after racing 4 times lol).

You can elevate your entire day, spirit, and mood when you direct.your energy from this space, and others will resonate right alongside with you!

This was the case all weekend at SE US Rowing Regionals.

I started rowing again in 2022 because I decided to have as much fun as possible.

Well, so far, it's worked!

What brings you joy?

Even if it's just a memory, just start there. ❤️

Here's to more joy in your life my dear friend!

Spot check your joy and shift to see if you can tap into that no matter what, where or when.

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