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Thanks giving

What is thanks giving? Is it a holiday? Is it saying grace?

Is it giving thanks, 24x7?

It is you sharing thanks.

It is sharing from your heart.

It is genuine truth.

It can be easy as pie.

Or the pie itself.

It can be painful but a reminder of the pleasure.

It can be joyful but incomplete.

What are you giving thanks for?

We are creatures who seek comfort, love, and pleasure

Whether we know it or not

Gratitude is the free-way to get there

We just have to remember

To take the onramp

Friend - I am truly grateful for YOU!! 🙌🏼

Yes, you, who chooses to BE in service to your DOING.

I feel your light, and I'm so honored that you are here.

Happy Thanksgiving - may you enjoy your Thanksgiving.

❤️ Rachael

PS If you want help in this area on showing up differently and removing blocks to more joy and fulfillment, you won't want to miss my free masterclass Tues Dec 6th to not feel like the holidays are another to-do...register here.

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