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That's a wrap - Pausing with Vail, CO

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Thanks for coming out Vail and pausing in service to all your fabulous doing.

One thing I am learning is to make it my mission to have fun and do what I love, and the rest will follow.

And Vail, CO was no exception! Amazing people, conversation, and skiing happened as a result of the Pause book tour meetup and I truly believe it is as a result of what I'd call intentional pausing - where I set my intention beforehand that Pause the book tour is to be in service, and to focus on joy and love and the rest will follow.

This was my 2nd Pause book tour event and it happened in Vail, CO this week! It was a great turnout and I met some incredible new friends who are also thought leaders in their community!

Some of the topics and questions we discussed…

  • How I burned out of Google, and what I did about it

  • How to recognize any epiphany or transformative moments during a pause (my answer: Um, Yes for me it was called Burning Man LOL)

  • What was my biggest lesson I learned when I left Google and was in the unknown of knowing what was next

  • How you know you need a pause and what to do about it.

  • What to do now to sustain yourself so you can avoid overwhelm, mitigate stress, and not burn out.

And so much more!

Truly, this was such an exceptional gift to be with these women. We even skied the next day together which was a lot of fun!

We were joined by Kat Haber, Organizer/Curator of TEDxVail come out, Lucy Wang TEDxSpeaker join us, and Mikala Freitas a gifted wellness healer based in NYC (and shredder skier!)

Thanks so much for coming out #Vail and I will see you at the very latest next year! You make it so easy to come back!

Next stop, live in Sarasota, FL on April 12th!

If you're in the #sarasota FL area, RSVP here and join us!

In service to your doing,

XO Rachael

P.S. Interested in joining a future Pause book tour meetup? Live or virtual? Reply back and lmk, I have live events only scheduled right now, but can easily pop something virtually for April! I always want to hear what would serve you best!

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