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This week I had the honor of speaking and sharing about Pause the book in my own backyard in Osprey, Florida at Southbay Yacht & Racquet Club!

Speaking in front of live groups is one of my favorite ways to connect and share more about what I love - the power of pause, or how to create intentional shifts in behavior! Pausing literally saved me from my burnout from Google, and it continues to teach me more and more about myself, every day as I create space to reflect, meditate, and manage my energy - what I now help corporate execs do in service to their leading!

Over the evening we had a great discussion and conversation! I shared my story of burning out of Google (see this 6 minute video) and how it led me to discover the power of pausing.

Can you relate to any of these topics we covered?!

  • Why it's so hard to not fill up your calendar

  • How to be more productive and inserting some daily pauses to try

  • How journaling can be helpful for decisions, inspiration, clarity, and self-soothing.

  • How each of us can benefit from ways to slow down, pattern interrupt, and move into new territory that can be not only daunting, but down right life altering - like retiring and how to approach it.

Here's a few snaps from our night...

It works virtually too, although I'm always up for meeting in person.

If you are part of a work team, book club, or group of people who do things to learn and grow, consider a Pause talk, or book talk, reply back "book talk" and I'll follow up with next steps. This is one of my favorite things to do and I'd love to make it work!

Future Talks

  • Wednesday, June 14th - 6pm Sarasota, Florida meet up at Sage Rooftop

  • Thursday, June 29th - Portland, Maine author book talk and signing at Sherman's Books 1-3pm (Insta Post)

  • Stay tuned for more talks coming soon in July in Louisville, Indianapolis, Des Moines, Denver and Park City!

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