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United voices & empowering choices

This month, in honor #WorldBookDay and #InternationalWomensDay, READ TO LEAD, a leadership book club led by my friend and colleague Sarah Clayton Jones in the UK, featured Pause the book for this great group where I joined for a virtual session and shared my thoughts on pausing, why it matters and how it can reshape one's leadership trajectory!

Ahead of World Book Day and International Women’s Day, Sarah asked a few of her female authors to share their wisdom, views on inclusivity and, of course, their favorite book as a child that inspired them the most.

I had the honor of kicking things of in March and wanted to share more with you in the spirit of inspiration, inclusivity, and leadership around, "Uniting Voices and Empower Choices." I shared my favorite childhood book as well - what was yours!?

Here's the excerpt:

📙 First up, we're honored to feature the wonderful author of Pause, Rachael O'Meara. While Rachael may have been inspired by the wonders of Narnia as a child, she now inspires us with the power of taking a pause. Her book empowers us to recognise the signs of burnout and stress, guiding us through the process of taking meaningful breaks to rediscover our motivations and return with a clearer head and renewed purpose.

🙌 Her message to young female leaders? "Keep going! The world needs you and the feminine power is swinging back into equilibrium, it will take all of us.

And as part of the Power of Pause community, if you’re looking to be inspired by best-selling authors and growth-led leaders, try a free trial in READ TO LEAD - start your free trial here.!

Have an incredible March and Happy International Women's Day #IWD March 8th - check out all the global activities happening and even participate #inspireinclusion.

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