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What do the next 12 weeks look like for you? 👀

Are you open to creating a wave of momentum in your leadership like you’ve never experienced before? Or better yet, getting your whole team to do rise to their next level together?

In my signature group leadership program, Executive Leadership Accelerator, we work together to master your emotional intelligence so you can not just feel but walk the talk to create better results as the high-achieving leader you were born to be - as you get clear on what's next and follow a plan to get there.

This group and 1:1 coaching program is a perfect fit for you if:

✅ You are a valued leader that already “knows” what you need to do, but for whatever reason you aren’t where you’d like to be personally or professionally (earning more $, having more quality time, lacking confidence or clarity).

✅ You thrive and enjoy operating at high speeds (read: you do a lot and everyone around you wonders how you do it!) and you’re good at it! But you are unsure that if you keep going at this pace, something’s gotta give and the wheels may come off.

✅ You are ready to take things to the next level like: make decisions faster, be more strategic, and get out of your own way whether it’s self-sabotaging thoughts, or unclear on what next steps are needed to get to your goals.

Rising to your next level of leadership doesn’t have to feel like you’re an imposter, working harder, or lonely.

And it shouldn't require you to spend another day ticking off your to-do list wondering, “Is this all there is?” as the work doesn’t stop, and creating more of the same results.

Let me walk alongside you to create confidence, clarity, and aligned action and amplified results - without having to TRY HARDER or do MORE work.

Application closes on Friday May 17th.

Better yet, you can bring this to your company, team, or ERG and provide it for high performing leaders who want support and are feeling like it’s time.

I’m opening this up to one company that is interested in providing this for a subset of your leaders, and one group of leaders across different companies to leverage the pollination of like-minded leaders from select companies.

Here's what a few graduates have to say about the academy:

"The Executive Leadership Accelerator course up-leveled my leadership and put me in a whole new trajectory where I feel lighter and have a better understanding of what to do next as the leader of my company. I'm more strategic with vision and goals, communicating more effectively, and thinking more clearly and objectively. I am so excited to share these ways of leading and can already feel the ripple effect they’ve had not just at my job, but in my life." - CEO, HR Solutions Company

"Prior to ELA, I felt like I was on a runaway train that didn’t know how to slow down or do anything different as a high performing leader. I had one speed, “go!” This meant I would take on new initiatives despite not having bandwidth or resources. I often felt stressed, even unable to think clearly at times. Now, I’ve cracked the code for what it takes to be sustained and a high performer. I've created new habits and boundaries that work for me, and am sustained consistently. My brain is able to decompress on a daily basis and I no longer feel guilty when I prioritize matters for me. If you’re looking to have the impact you want without the overwhelm, I highly recommend working with Rachael!"

- VP Investor Relations, Venture Capital

If you are a team leader, executive, or HR professional interested to accelerate your of your company's leadership, your next step is to fill out this application form, and we'll be in touch.

Want more info? Check out the course details here.

What reality to you want to co-create together?

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