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What door are you walking through?

“When another door closes another door opens…”

This was the message that my corporate client Julie received after a powerful somatic coaching session with breathwork and coaching - where her mind and body were tuning into her intuition.

The message was loud and clear and got her thinking in a new way. Even with the looming fear of layoffs, not knowing what’s coming next in the office, and not being in control of what would come her way meant that life may be turned upside down on a moment’s notice.

"One door may close, but another door will open."

Like Julie, so many of us live in the unknown. It’s challenging to stay focused, keep our cool, and not spin out because we don’t know what will happen. We fear the worst, or failure, or just not sure of what may happen next.

It’s easy to feel helpless, humbled, or whittled down to not knowing what to do - whether we’re still at work, been laid off, or just feel stuck.

That’s because…

❤️ It takes a lot of courage to be in the unknown

❤️ It’s not easy to be plan-less for a while, including no set job, income or anything else

❤️ Staying in lack or scarcity thinking is what we’re used to.

While this re-direction takes place, trust in the path in front of you.

Another door will open, and we can move through it.

When we learn to keep expressing, and trust in ourselves through continuing to show up and know that your pause is the gateway to what’s next, it is a chance to recalibrate.

That, is the power - your power - no matter what door you are in front of, opening, or walking through. Trust in the path that is unfolding.

Much ❤️


PS. If you need help with walking the path to more self-trust, confidence, or what's next for you, this is what I do. Message or reply back “tools” and I will reach out with next steps.

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