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What to expect when you listen to your inner leader

When we get intentional about deeply listening and paying attention to what I call your inner leader...aka the guidance that's available to you 24x7 when we pause, or intentionally shift our behavior, it can feel surreal and really scary because we're not used to it.

Creating a workstyle / lifestyle that feels aligned, good, and in-flow is available to all of us as high-achieving corporate leaders when we are ready to listen to our inner leaders, and make the changes to feel more calm, and confident as we learn new ways to feel more connected, clear, and authentic.

It can be curated with intentionality, love, boundaries and purpose.

But one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn in creating the boundaries I needed and learning how to trust myself more is that I don’t have to sacrifice my values anymore to create the lifestyle I desire.

I can have the workout routine that keeps me inspired every day…and feel physically ready for whatever comes my way.

I can work less hours and make more money.

I can tell up, down, and across the company “no” and as I problem solve alternatives.

I can check in and instantly know if something is a 'yes' , 'not right now', or 'no thanks'

I can have my “me time” and continue to show up for others so I’m fully present.

I can have quality time with my partner and kids and furbabies!

I can get support while learning new behaviors that increase my confidence.

I can let go of something or someone without guilt, and trust that it’s in service to my being and/or doing.

I can have strong boundaries and still be a caring, compassion, genuine human.

I can create calm and peace in my own life and still get the job done and feel good as I do so.

I can be a directive corporate executive and also a empathy-first, nurturing leader.

The theme within the lifestyle you want to create is likely related to breaking a lot of the “rules” and shifting out of life-long patterns or beliefs.

In fact, that is a necessary step to shift into more alignment and trusting your inner leader, who is ready for her assignments that are showing up not just professionally, but also personally too.

With anything that you believe to be true, like who you “should” be or what is required of you to get what you want — grow curious to that.

And know that the dreams you desire are on the other side of you busting through your inner glass ceiling and claiming unimaginable success on your own terms.




PS: In my group coaching program, The Executive Leadership Accelerator, I help women leaders rise to their next level of leadership through learning the skills rooted in emotional intelligence (EQ) so that you are a more calm, confident, and clear leader who feels grounded and stays out of overwhelm.

Achieving greater success and/or making more money as you help more people doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of your time or energy.

Enrollment is closed, but will re-open in February. There are limited spots available since this is a high-touch experience. Comment “LEAD” below or message me to get on the waitlist (or visit the course link in bio) so you can be the first to know when we open for enrollment.

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