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When are you enough?

There’s so much about my past - and the baggage I continue to shred - that’s made me who I am today…

This blast from the past 1979 St. Patrick's Day pic that hangs in my mirror today reminds me of that....which is why I look at it a lot and smile back at this little girl and her bro she wants to probably pinch, poke, prod or something similar. On the outside I looked so "good girl" and put-together even here at 7 years old (although I'm definitely caught in the act of something mischievous LOL).

The worries this little girl carried about the world.

The pain I avoided as my parents split.

The aloneness I felt.

It includes a long journey of healing, overcoming trauma and insecurities (yep still got those!) and learning to love myself at such a deeper level - allowing the space to find worthiness and value within, rather than seeking it from others and outside myself.

I think it’s important to share those parts, too.

And perhaps I don’t enough.

One thing I'd say though is that when you decide you're enough - as-is enough - these parts start to heal, which reinforces all our new empowering beliefs, including that you are enough.

When we learn and accept that we are enough, or when we wake up to live and lead as our worthy, sovereign selves that we already are - that is uniquely ours to own and share...

We take care of our inner little girl or child.

We can ask for help or support.

We stand up for ourselves knowing we don't have to be 'good girls' or pleasers, but can also be brave leaders who inspire others and can say "no" when we want.

Here’s to all of you heart-leading and purposeful leaders who have decades of experiences, knowledge, and wisdom inside of you but you feel like you’re only the tip of the iceberg...

Know that there is so much more for you, waiting to be uncovered…

Let's be friends with those parts, and with each other ❤️.

And...Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I wish you many blessings that each of us knows that we are enough and grateful for those blessings.

XO Rachael

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