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Pause for Productivity Challenge 2022 5 Day Challenge - You Did It!

It's been quite a week! For those of you who signed up, you are one of over 100 people participating in the world premier Pause for Productivity Challenge! Today is day 5 of 5, and I feel joy and a little sad as it all winds down. It's been rewarding and fulfilling as I bring together my worlds of business experience, emotional intelligence training, and other disciplines I've studied and meditation pause practices. Topics covered include:

  • What I really mean by pausing

  • Owning your own happiness and satisfaction (tribute to my mentors and #4 Rule of Engagement)

  • Overcoming Resistance

  • Nourish and Thrive

  • Boundaries, Limits and Expectations and launch our pause plan.

I'm also sharing my favorite physical pause practices - daily pauses and meditations and having fun as we start each day off with one and then challenged again to do it by bedtime.


No matter where you are in the challenge, enjoy your gift ($250 value) for a free “Pause and Thrive strategy session."

Book a slot on my coaching page here.

Thanks to everyone who joined! I hope you got a lot out of it, and looking forward to continuing to strategize and support you!

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