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The Fastest Path to the 3 C's of Corporate Leadership

What if I told you that the path to get unstuck, melt away stress, and become a more confident, connected and clear leader is through the power of your own breath (gasp!)?

I call these the 3 C’s that are critical for highly emotional intelligent (EQ) leaders:

  • 🙏🏼 Confident

  • 🙏🏼 Connected

  • 🙏🏼 Calm

It's time to dispel a myth I think many of us have in the corporate world: your breath is what it is, and that's it!

MYTH: Your breath isn’t merely transactional - meaning you inhale and exhale.

TRUTH: Your breath is transformational - when it’s conscious and intentional - meaning - every time you inhale and exhale, you allow energy to move through you in ways it otherwise wouldn’t.

When you and I partner on shifting how you show up together (less stress, more energy and clarity), you will experience how your breath can help you…

  • 👉 Access disconnected “parts” of yourself - physically and emotionally. When we allow access back into these parts we are no longer afraid to take a risk - from moving across the country to how to spend your Saturday.

  • 👉 Re-awaken and listen to what your higher Self whispers messages to you about decisions weighing on you, or uncertainty. When’s the last time you connected with that part, and actually created space to hear what it has to say?

  • 👉 Heal from all the little dents and dings over the years - otherwise known as trauma - that leave us in a mental fog that doesn’t seem to clear, or puts us on the exact same path that got us here - not going anywhere new.

If you could tap into THAT level of certainty and clarity that your body has, I bet you could…

  • 🔥Speak up and use your voice in that meeting you dread (so you no longer dread it)

  • 🔥Trust your instincts to say no to date night because you know you’d prefer “me time”

  • 🔥Feel safe enough to trust what your body is telling you vs. fight or flight for a change.

You were born to shine!

That means feeling connected and clear on all levels - and not settling for anything less.

>> If you are ready to uplevel yourself and get unstuck and feel more connected or motivated, contact me via CHAT right here with "tools" to help!

I've got you, and you've got you.


One last thing - I had a client who found it hard to think about one more zoom or meeting, and struggled to "empty her brain" after a demanding work day. After a few breathwork sessions with me, she was able to go inward with some deep breathing and felt the daily concerns melt away. Weeks of bottled-up feelings and stress released from her body and she was able to sleep soundly through the night. Clarity and ease and connection followed, and stuck with her - now that's a transformative leadership move!

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