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Pause Named one of top 10 biz books for 2017 & End of year pause reflection

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Pause Reflection on 2017

Pause the book debuted in 2017

Pause the book, and yours truly, has had one incredible year. In between prepping & launching Pause in April and winding down the year, I got married, moved in with my fiance/husband, and landed a new role at Google. I also wrote and was published in dozens of national and international journals and magazines and spoke at events where my message of Pause was heard and understood.

I am also aware of what lies ahead - whether it's continuing to spread the message of pause for people to be more self-aware to choose differently whether it's what you'll have for lunch, to take a risk that otherwise would have been avoided, or taking action in your community. I encourage you to pause too. Pausing to reflect what you want to keep doing, how you want to be, and what you want to start as an important ritual to begin every year. This year, I'll be off in a few weeks to India, where I'll be pausing for 3 weeks "off the grid" and getting married (again!) in Lucknow, India and enjoying a honeymoon pause. I'll be taking intentional time to reflect, and I hope you pause to do the same at this winter (or summer) solstice, and changing of the season as we begin a year anew.

6 Steps to

Did you catch my article on pausing for career development in Harvard Business Review?

How to Ask Your Boss for Time to Learn New Things Do you have 2018 plans for career development? Personal development? Retreats? Here's how to strategize how to get what you want for it and make your bold ask. Share the message far and wide - we all need to own and make asks to develop our career.

We all want to learn and grow. Improving our skills and being exposed to new ideas not only makes us better at our jobs but makes us happier and more engaged at work. But with a full-time job, it can be tough to find the time and resources to dedicate to personal development...How can you make the case to your manager (and the necessary

higher ups) to support you? more of my article on


Pause Tip for the Holidays: Remember to PAUSE as this year winds down. Savor this time - whether it's the moments that you enjoy the most with loved ones and family, time spend on your own reflecting on the past year, or being with family, loved ones, or a solo retreat. Remember you matter - slow down and pause to savor and enjoy what ever brings you joy. Pause before bedtime tonight and make an intention how you will pause to align and be more in tune with what you want this holiday.

Here are a few ways you can pause daily from an article where I listed out daily pauses. Be open to seeing what happens or how you can feel differently. What happens when you try it? Work up to doing one a day for the coming week.


Pause-worthy Updates & Celebrations Here's a few other things worth celebrating!

Something is up when one of the top business books of 2017 is about being in service to the doing. Pause was named one of 2017 top ten business books by the largest Canadian Paper, The Globe & Mail by business book reviewer Harvey Schachter. Harvey reviewed Pause this past summer. I couldn't be prouder to be half Canadian AND recognized as one of the top business books of the year. picked up my HBR article and this was a great take on it.

I held my first signature 2 hour pause workshop last week in San Francisco! We had a great time learning the 5 keys to avoid burnout and taking back your life. It was the 1st talk of its kind, and I hope to do more in 2018 as I build out my training content.

Give the gift of Pause this season - Pause the book is on sale! Purchase it for $6.35 on Amazon for the paperback copy.


My 5 minute DisruptHR talk, The Pause Paradox, hit the top 10 most watched DisruptHR videos Nov 26-Dec 2! This was a fun and nerve wracking talk - what would you say if you only had 5 minutes? Watch it here!


Thank you for being a part of the pause movement, and sharing and supporting the message of Pause. You are changing the way people go about life and work as a result.

Yours in pausing,

Please share this post with someone you think who could use a pause today.

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