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IS YouR WORK day "The best part"?

Updated: Mar 6

Do you think of the best part of your day as your work and how you feel as an executive leader?

Or, are you feeling like you show up and deliver the best parts of you professionally and feel really happy and pleased as a result!?

That's how I felt winding and witnessing my way through a beautiful Sunday in Golden Gate Park.

And that's what I help corporate execs do thru EQ coaching and mastery - together we navigate the chaos, negativity, or change and I teach them how to come out the other side fulfilled, confident, and (gasp!) happy.

We all know when we're stressed it's so easy to NOT look up and see what's happening around you.

We're stuck in tunnel vision. ⛔️

Especially when you're running to the finish line like a project, a deadline, or yes a real finish line like I was today LOL. 😛

It's so easy to stay focused on your to do's aka run and finish without collapsing.

But holy cow, is it more fun or what to enjoy the journey..

It breaks my heart to meet leaders who are not enjoying the journey. They are drudging it, day in or day out, trying to get through, trying to muscle through to that next milestone. And then, it'll all be better.

Or so we think.

What if, instead of getting to the finish line, or the end of our to-do list for the day, or whatever's on our agenda.

We paused...

👍 To appreciate how we got to the moment

👍 To savor and share gratitude for what is working.

👍 To thank the aches and pains for teaching us what can be different or remind us how much isn't in that category

👍 To play, and know that you are aliveness is an asset as you feel fear, hurt, pain and even defeat because it teaches you something.

This was my experience, on this particular Sunday, floating through Golden gate Park with endorphins pumping and enjoying every minute of it.

Whether you're feeling like today is or isn't the best day, it's okay. Know that you matter. Go out for a walk. Go out for a hike and nature. Enjoy the sights and the sounds, and know you are the best part.

BTW, it's totally possible for you to also show up as a corporate leader and enjoy it as the best part too - If you agree, like or message me or comment what you do to show up as your best, and feel good as you do so. I help leaders who are overwhelmed to feel more confident, clear and calm to rise to their next level of leadership, and master their EQ... together!

❤️ Rachael

PS You can see more pics and videos from my best part day on Instagram in this post:

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