The Pausecast Ep. 23: Tiffany Shlain and 24x6

In this episode 23 of The Pausecast... ​​​ Experience a pause led by Tiffany What a "Technology Shabbat" is and why it's a "shabbat" What benefits there are once you detach from devices Why 24/6 is critical for well-being and how Tiffany came to be an expert in this type of digital device pause (DDP). What you'll learn in her new book, 24/6. How to join a 4M+ wide movement to support less digital screen time for you, your family, and others. Ways to get involved to support digital detachment in your community (and for kids!) TIps you can tell your boss to help ensure your disconnect is successful. How to disconnect successfully About Tiffany: In her groundbreaking first book, 24/6: The Power

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