November 22, 2019

 In this episode 25 of The Pausecast...


  • Experience a 2x2x2 pause led by Marci (inspired by Heartmath Institute).

  • How to start the "feel good happiness" chemical flow of oxytocin

  • Why Heart Rate Variability (HRV) matters

  • The one question you can...

September 24, 2019

 In this episode 23 of The Pausecast...


  • Experience a pause led by Tiffany

  • What a "Technology Shabbat" is and why it's a "shabbat"

  • What benefits there are once you detach from devices

  • Why 24/6 is critical for well-being and how Tiffany came to...

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The Pausecast Ep. 25: Marci Shimoff

November 22, 2019